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{February 15, 2021}   I’m being held hostage…let’s make soup!

If it was a Saturday, this would be more fun, well, some of it would be. Let me back up and ‘splain! [I am coming back to the beginning to tell you this post is going hither and yon! bear with me!]

It’s Monday, February 15th, and like many people and companies, the company I am working for has today, President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday, as a holiday! Wah to the hoo! Can’t beat that! I thought, yeah, turn off the alarm, sleep in and PSM will take the pups out for their morning walk. Um…

5:58am…seriously? I wanted to sleep in! That only works on days that you have to get up! PSM had gotten up wayyy earlier than me, he had a few things on his mind, so he got up and got to work. I noticed a few hours earlier that he just wasn’t there when I rolled over, didn’t think much of it. We connected about 6:45am, he was going to take a yoga class and then go to an appointment, I decided that I did not want to get up before the sun, so I’ll take a yoga class later.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, has different ideas…we were supposed to get snow, starting about 4pm yesterday and then it was supposed to stop at some point. I thought, ooh, I have the day off, I’m going skiing! I found a ski resort about an hour from here! Do you remember me telling you about Santa’s Magical Kingdom, that we visited in December, it’s in the same city, and it’s on my ski pass! What? oh yeah!

Then…I remembered, crud, I have an appointment with Safelite, the Auto Glass company today. When I was driving back from Colorado a few weeks ago, a rock hit the windshield and it wasn’t big, but within a week of coming home, it became bigger…so I called my insurance company Friday, and they connected me with their glass claim/repair side. One thing I thought was poor design…my policy information didn’t populate their system for this claim, huh? When I called, they wanted to give me an appointment Saturday, but I didn’t want to have to wait around all day waiting for them to show up, held hostage. So…I make the appointment for today, I was going to be working, or so I thought, and it wouldn’t be a big deal to wait around for them.

Here I sit, Monday, with an appointment between 8am-5pm, I got multiple confirmation emails and texts over the weekend and even one this morning. I remembered last minute, that I had this appointment, so I could not go skiing, I didn’t know how long it would take to get another appointment. Doesn’t matter about going skiing, it’s been snowing since last night and hasn’t stopped.

Bee decided this morning she did not want to go more than half a block for our morning walk, back to the house she went, back in the crate, and Ruby and I went for a walk, in the snow, that was fun…It’s about 4pm on Monday, I have not heard from the Safelite technician, or anyone from Safelite for that matter and when I called, a few hours ago, their offices were already closed. I understand if they are not sending people out because of the weather, at least let people with appointments know…

I worked on a resume, chatted with a few people, tried to get some work done in the basement, that didn’t work, so I decided it’s winter, time to make soup! I made four different types of soup, if you get cold or hungry, give me a call!

I only made one soup from scratch, potato leek soup, one of my favorites that my mom would make and it’s SOUPER simple! HA HA HA, see how I did that! You can follow the recipe in the link or…I winged it/didn’t follow all the ingredients. I used 3 fat leeks and about 8 small/medium Russet potatoes, 2 tablespoons of Miyoki’s vegan butter [if I haven’t told you about this butter before O M G! You cannot tell the difference! It is fabulous!], Knorr Vegetable Bouillons. It came out creamy and delicious!

While that was prepping, I made three packaged soups from Manischewitz, a kosher food company. Split Pea, Minestrone, and Lentil. The nice things about these soups is that they are all vegan, good for me, and all you need to do is add water. When I heat them up later to serve them, I can put meat or chikin’ [that’s my emphasis for fake] for me or real meat or chicken in for Paul, separate pots/bowls, of course!

The nice thing is that these soups make about 3-4 meals each, maybe more, if you add the protein and they are great comfort food on a day like today, snowy, blustery, and windy.

I’m looking forward to curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a cup o’ soup! See…you already helped me forget I was being held hostage. Thanks!


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