Peaches Prattlings

{January 31, 2021}   A true romantic…a funny one at that.

I love my husband. Yeah, that pretty much says it all. But I’ll tell you more! PSM is a great guy, and a fun guy, and funny, and a romantic, and sometimes both, which is what he was yesterday.

I was on the phone with JCT yesterday and PSM walked in the door with sunflowers, a funny card, and a smoothie from Smoothie King. Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flowers, they make me smile just looking at them, how can you not?! When we got married, I carried a bouquet of three sunflowers and every so often, he brings me a bunch of sunflowers, which makes me smile, isn’t that the point.

There was a card, it was a conversation we’ve had more than once and I have a feeling that we’re not the only ones. What do you want to do for dinner? Where do you want to eat? What do you want to eat? [the video is a bit long, but funny and I have a feeling more than one of you will be able to relate!

Inside the card was a true statement ‘As long as I’m with you, I’m where I want to be.’ Might be sappy, but it’s true and something we say to each other all the time. He wrote a few sweet sentiments, but the best was ‘Happy pre…pre…pre…[and a few more pre’s] Valentine’s Day! That made me laugh out loud!

There was a smoothie, my favorite: Peanut Power Plus, which includes bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, dates, protein blend, turbinado, and I get it made with almond milk, instead of regular milk.’ It was perfect! Sweet and thick, oh my, they got it right! I love my smoothies on the thick side, sometimes I can get anything through the straw, works for me!

I had it all…flowers, a card, a smoothie, funny sentiments, what more could a girl want?! I told you, a true romantic, and a funny one to boot, how lucky am I?! Very I tell ya, very!


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