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{January 18, 2021}   What wakes you in the morning?

I think we’ve talked about the fact that I don’t sleep, much. I really don’t. I sleep about 4-5 hours a night, I know, I know, it’s not enough, but what can I say? It is what it is…

I used to sleep through the night and then some. I’ve been told, when I was born, I fell asleep, ha ha. My mom said the nurses would pinch my feet to get me up to nurse. Apparently, I used to take long naps and sleep through the night, giving my parents and their friends a false sense of ‘wow, we could totally do this’, nay nay, they found out! Ha ha!

I know, I know, why am I not talking about why we’re here today? Have you met me? I’ll get there, promise! I loved to stay up late when I was a kid, but I would sleep, oh boy would I sleep…8-10 hours a night, sometimes longer and hard, I slept so hard! My dad used to drive me to high school in the morning, well, if he could get me up! He would come from his bedroom to turn off my alarm! And I was lucky if I had enough time to brush my teeth before leaving the house! Totally on me! You’ll love this one…when I was in college, one year, my bed was under the fire alarm…when it would go off and everyone had to vacate the building, they would have to come and drag me out of bed, I would sleep through it, that’s how hard I slept! And for anyone that knows me now, that has shared a space with me, that is not the case!

Now, I wake up at the drop of a pin! So to speak…and we’re back to our regularly scheduled program, see, told ya I would get there! I don’t know how many years ago it started, but I had a cat that would eat those plastic bags you get at the grocery store, they’re toxic, so I would hide them, but if someone, even me, accidentally left one out, she would find it! Not every cat likes them, but mine did and if I hear that sound, even to this day, and she’s been gone about 12 years, I still jump up out of a deep sleep! Oh, speaking of cats, who has a cat that hasn’t jumped 12 feet in the air, right out of bed when you hear the sound of a hairball coming up! O M G!

When my kids first started spending the night, I had new mom syndrome, I would hear them turn over in their sleep and if one of them needed something and called out, I heard them! The lightest touch on my arm from them, awake! There are a few other things that happened when I became a mom, but that’s a story for another day!

Today, who knows, I take so long to fall asleep, you would think I would sleep for hours, not so…I have trouble falling asleep, and then staying asleep, I wish it wasn’t so! There are some days, I have to say, that I can sleep, I make up for it by sleeping 10-12 hours, oh wow! But, that being said, what wakes me up today, no idea! Sometimes, like everyone, nature calls. Is that age or just nature calling? Nature calls in the middle of the night, not a fan of her then! There is no snooze or shut off when that happens!

PSM is so very sweet, he worries that everything is going to wake me up, he tries to be quiet, well, as a church mouse, as the phrase goes, he knows it doesn’t always work, but I do appreciate it! The dogs start whining, the ceiling fan all of a sudden I can hear, a door closes, I turn over, a thought pops in my head, my leg twitches, I breath. Those are things at home that can wake me up, aside from the alarm, of course, well, actually, for some reason, that doesn’t always work! Ha ha! Isn’t that always the case!? Maybe I snooze and then…there is a limit on the snooze button, right?

When I’m in a hotel, love when the cleaning staff knocks on the door at 8am on a Saturday…it could be any number of things when I’m at a hotel! When I’m staying with friends or family, there are so many possible sounds to wake me up, who knows! Today it’s this, tomorrow, it’s that. Could be the crack of sunlight creeping in through a curtain.

Do dreams wake you up? They do me, especially if I don’t want to be there or in it at all! Maybe you tell yourself that you’re dreaming, it’s not real, and you should really get up! Are you being chased? Did something just happen? Mine do that and I want to write them down, I’ve been told you should write them down, they mean something. How many of you can actually remember your dream to write it down that fast? Sometimes I’m still processing the dream as I wake up or I am just trying to wake up and then by the time I’m awake, I can’t remember what woke me! Or I didn’t like it enough to want to forget it, unfortunately, those stick with you, gee thanks!

This morning, I woke up in a panic because someone had stolen my bag, from a train station, I think. I retrieved the bag yesterday, in my dream, left it there, because I was focused on something else and came back to get it today. The woman helping me said she knew exactly what bag, where it was, it was and went to get it, but it wasn’t right where she left it…in the middle of the room and she was surprised! Actually I think she was more surprised because she had just pulled the bag out from wherever she was storing it.

Not to worry, the bag in question is sitting right where I left it, full of whatever I have in it, but…I was still in panic mode, I really like that bag!

What woke you this morning?


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