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{January 16, 2021}   Adventure Quote…perfection!

I was watching a new show, Call me Kat, which I’ll review another time, the jury is still out, but there was a great quote from one of the characters to the other and I thought, wow.

‘Some people search for adventure and others create it wherever they go’. Just wow. It says so much and I wonder…which one am I? I love travel and new experiences and I have a good time wherever I go, someone once told me that I could have fun at an insurance seminar, a compliment if I ever heard one! So…that tells me I am a mix of the two.

PSM and I love to figure out what our next adventure is going to be and plan it, and each adventure seems to be more epic than the last. We’re bummed that we couldn’t go on our honeymoon, or next great adventure, it was scheduled for December and you can probably imagine what happened there.

When I met PSM, one of the things I was attracted to was his love of travel, he had been around the world and then some, I had traveled, but not to his level, I had a lot of catching up to do! Even before I met PSM, I had an adventurous spirit and I wasn’t afraid of taking risks or travel on my own, but since we met and started traveling together, even bigger. We love looking for the out of the way places a lot of people have never heard of, living in Hawai’i made that attainable for us.

As for creating adventure everywhere I go, I do try to have a good time, see the fun and possibilities and it seems to be working. Even when PSM and I go somewhere we think is going to be boring, we try to have fun with it, find something to make us smile or laugh. And it works, go figure!

‘Some people search for adventure and others create it wherever they go’. Are you one or the other or a bit of both?


memehal says:

I love this quote. I do believe the you create the adventure where ever you go. Always keep up your love of having fun.

Thanks much, I really appreciate that. I can’t help having fun and loving that completely! I hope the same for everyone! šŸ™‚

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