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{January 14, 2021}   Trailers…say so much…or so little

I am, of course, talking about movie trailers, vs. the trailers you live in, or the trailers you haul stuff on or in. Movie Trailers.

They really can say so much or so little and they can make or break if you are going to see a movie. There are a lot of times I can watch a trailer and know instantly if I am going to like a movie or not. And…I am usually spot on.

There are great trailers that just give you a tease, or a taste, leaves you wanting more, which is great, then there are the trailers that give you practically the entire movie, where’s the fun in that? How about the trailers that give you the best one liners? Or the trailers that give you the best one liners that never actually make it into the movie.

When I was in college, I majored in broadcasting, and one of my dreams was to one day make movie trailers. I thought, what a job that would be, watching movies and determining what would be a great hook, to bring you in and make you want to watch it vs watching a trailer and realizing you just watched a mini movie and what would be the point to go to the theater to see it.

One of the best new trailers I have seen in a long time is for Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar written by, and starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. They also wrote Bridesmaids and I have to say, if the movie is half as good and funny as Bridesmaids, it will be amazing! I watched the trailer and I didn’t stop laughing, you never actually see their faces, only the tops of their heads, hands, and feet, it’s classic! They are talking about movie trailers, and what if they were in a movie trailer, they wouldn’t give away anything, especially their faces. It really is classic and clever!

There is a second trailer, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar: Fashion Trailer, which only has them at the very end, and they are buried in sand, you only see the tops of their heads! It’s hysterical, especially what it represents and pokes fun at.

I cannot wait for February 12th, that’s when the movie comes out and they make a point of it in each trailer to mention the air date, clever. As I said, if this is half as good as Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig will have made up for the WW84 Cheetah mess. Here’s hoping!


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