Peaches Prattlings

{January 13, 2021}   Does unsubscribe actually do anything?!

Seriously! Why isn’t it working?! AAAARRRGH!

When you make the decision that you no longer wish to receive emails from a particular company or vendor, something you actually signed up for and would like to unsubscribe, because we know that half the time we get an email, the vendor is phishing and if we click unsubscribe, we are actually verifying our email addresses, rude! Sorry, par for the course, I digress…here you are, you have an email you don’t want and you take the time to scroll to the bottom of the email and sometimes have to hunt for the unsubscribe hyperlink, that just annoys me! then you click unsubscribe, which I prefer so much more than click here to change your email preferences, OMG! I just want to unsubscribe!

Now…I am being routed to the website so I can make it known I want to unsubscribe from their mailing list. Then…I have choices, what?! I like the ones that just say click here to unsubscribe and it’s over. Well, maybe a note telling me that they are sorry to see me go, but…other ones, do I really have to tell you why I no longer want to receive your emails? Yes, I am sure it’s to help with their reporting stuff, but I just want you to leave me alone! Is that so hard?! apparently!

Now…I have unsubscribed from your mailing list, you were sorry to see me go, you tell me that it may take a minute for the emails to stop. Ok, I get that, maybe a few emails will come later today or tomorrow, until the little tiny workers, maybe they are Oompa Loompas in there, remove my name from their mailing list. That’s understandable, what is not understandable is a few days or even a week!

I recently went through one of my inboxes and decided to unsubscribe to quite a few emails that I no longer need or want. That was over a week ago. Why, oh why….are you still sending me emails?! Please stop! Just stop!

Ok, rant over. What’s next?! Let me check my email! HA HA HA


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