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{January 12, 2021}   Do I look like my Bitmoji now?

Ha Ha! I finally got on the Bitmoji bandwagon with everyone else about two or so years ago, I’m not even sure, I know I was still living in Hawai’i. The reason I know that is my Bitmoji has a Hawai’ian flair.

Bitmoji me’s got red hair, just like me. Short red hair, definitely just like me as of last week! Bitmoji me’s got blue lips. I have blue lipstick, and, you might not believe this, but anyone who knows me from middle school knows, I wore blue lipstick. Well, not just blue lipstick, there was purple lipstick, green lipstick, and black lipstick. And sometimes…at the same time. I would divide my lips and put one color per quarter, it was quite colorful. But, back to Bitmoji, blue lipstick.

White bikini-like tank top. I wore tank tops all the time, but I got brave and wore a bikini quite a bit, work with what you’ve got! The skirt, could be a skort, not sure. And for those of you not sure of what a skort is, it’s combination skirt with shorts in it, nice for those of us who might not want to start a fire when our thighs rub together! It’s red with tropical flowers, could be a hibiscus, looks like a Hawai’ian shirt!

Bitmoji me has slippahs like the first pair of Tevas I bought in Hawai’i, one of which Mother Nature STOLE from me! [Just so you know, I haven’t gotten over it yet, I LaLaLaLOVED those slippahs!!!] First, let me ‘splain! A slippah is what is referred to as a flip-flop on the mainland. Sometimes you can include sandals. One of my favorite signs, which we have hanging outside our front door Please remove your slippahs, but don’t take mo bettah ones on da way out! Classic!

Hawaii Style – Signs PLUMERIA-SLIPPAH | Indonesia Export

Even bettah…check out this scene from Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, when Momma stands up and threatens all her sons wit her slippah! The whole clip is 3:11, but momma gets up at 2:30, SO worth it! I watch that scene over and over again!

So…now you know what my Bitmoji looks like… ME! Do you agree?!


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