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{January 7, 2021}   History of Swear Words

Classic. [Parental Warning Advisory! Ha Ha] Classic as F*ck. Funny as Sh*t. Don’t Bitch. The list goes on.

Today, we discovered History of Swear Words on Netflix and it’s fabulous! Nicolas Cage is the host of this fabulous show. The description on IMDB is “An education in expletives: the history lesson you didn’t know you needed hosted by Nicolas Cage. A loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture-usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.”

It delves into the history of swear words, Season 1 is six episodes. Interestingly, when you look at the names of the episodes, not all the words are modified, you know, with an ** in the middle of the word, making it safe for tv, but you still know what it is!

Each episode has a terrific opening by Nicolas Cage, dramatic in appearance, like a documentary on PBS, but with swear words, it’s very clever. Then there are comedians, actors, experts. People we know as comedians, like Sarah Silverman, how could they do a show like this without her! Jim Jeffries, and Nikki Glaser. Actors like Nick Offerman and DeRay Davis, and experts like film critic Elvis Mitchell, associate professor of feminine studies, Mireille Miller-Young, and my favorite, Kory Stamper, who worked for Merriam-Webster, specifically being an expert on especially unusual or controversial words. Who does that and how awesome is that! To be able to use those words for your job and not get in trouble?!

We watched the first three episodes, F**k, Sh*t, and Bitch. For each word, you get the historical background of where the word originated from, when, and what it meant in its origin to how it’s been transformed into what we know it as today.

All the words in the series have different meanings to different people and how you use them really plays into how they are taken. F**k and sh*t can be both good and bad, depending on the context you are using them, they can be an adjective, verb, noun, how many words can you say that about, not to mention an expletive. We learn how they play into our culture, music, everyday lives. One of the stories they told about sh*t was a story a former boss I worked for, MDM, told me about Ship High In Transit, love that story! Turns out, says this is bullsh*t, but…I still love the story!

Bitch, that was an interesting one. Following the same format, the origin, how it came to be morphed into what it is today, all depending on how you use it, to and on whom, the reactions are very different. Not surprisingly, this episode was more female focused, in terms of content and the participants being interviewed. It was interesting to hear their take on what it means to be a bitch. They talked about Lizzo’s song Truth Hurts, singing about taking a DNA test and she’s That Bitch, that was an interesting concept, the difference between being a bitch and being that bitch. No, sorry, I haven’t taken the test, I can’t tell you what I am, let me know what you discover!

Overall, so far, we really like this show, it’s funny and informative. But…if you don’t like that kind of language, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you do…ENJOY!


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