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{January 1, 2021}   Happy New Year!

Is it really almost over? Can it be true? Is 2020 almost behind us? YES!

Can you believe it? In mere moments, it will be 2021, thank gawd! I know a lot of you are saying it! And what a year it’s been for a lot of us! Last year, at this time, we hadn’t been in Missouri very long, PSM had just gotten back from Iceland and I was sick as a dog. Well, this year, we’re healthy, thank goodness and we could use some good cheer.

Let’s see…a wrap up of our year, lots of background since we haven’t talked in a while. One of my favorite lines from The Princess Bride said by Inigo Montoya “Let me explain! No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” But one of the best summations was Olaf’s telling of Frozen 1! It’s been quite the year! Let me give you a taste.

November 2019, PSM took a new job with Bayer in St Louis, so we packed up and left Hawai’i. We had some great last minute staycations and adventures and away we went. I told you a little of what it was like when we talked about driving the U-Haul from Denver to St Louis.

January came and we started exploring, Covid-19 was on the back burner of people’s brains, we weren’t quite there yet. I was still on my project traveling to Baton Rouge and PSM was still going in to the office near where we live. I promise to give you more details about everything we did in future posts, this is just a summary!

We did some 5Ks, the Hot Chocolate, my 12th, I think. PSM and I did the Cupid’s Undie Run, fully clothed, thank you. We went to the St Louis Gateway Arch, St. Louis Union Station, walks at a local park and some farther out, we were exploring. We even threw in a weekend to Colorado, stayed in Golden and visited the Coors Brewing Company, PSM went home and I spent a few extra days skiing at Breckenridge and Keystone, and then visiting with AM and family.

The end of February, just before everything got shut down, we were in Boston for a very special event! EJS became a Bat Mitzvah! Where did the time go!? I don’t know if I could be any more proud of her! OMG! A few weeks later, we watched SHK, family friend, have his Bar Mitzvah virtually, our first of many Zoom events!

In March, we joined the St Louis Museum of Art, my project in Louisiana ended, and I was on a flight for Little Rock, AR! I got there and at the end of my first week…go home at the end of the week and…travel is suspended at the moment. What? Yup, Covid-19 was rearing its ugly head and all travel was suspended until at least Labor Day weekend. Labor Day weekend came and went and they will be giving travel some thought in January, not sure what’s happening next!

We discovered some great restaurants, near us and around, we started with breakfast at The Shack and First Watch, Uncle Bills, Jenny’s Diner, and other meals at Fitz’s Root Beer, Granite City Food & Brewery and tried Duck Donuts. We had our last official meal at Paul Manno’s Restaurant, which is where the realtors took us the first night we looked at houses, very old school Italian! This was just a taste, ha ha, of some of the restaurants we’ve discovered, promise, more and more details later!

One day, while we were walking around our local park, we thought, wouldn’t it be nice to fill the house with the pitter pat of paws. We’re both going to be home, why not look into adopting a dog, and PSM said he was ready and when he gave me the thumbs up, I started looking and the entire process took about 3 days, only because we couldn’t meet the dogs until Monday, this was on a Friday! And Monday, April 13, 2020, we became doggie parents! Ruby is a hound, we’re not sure what type, but she’s needy, so we call her an attention hound and Bee is our Beagle, stubborn and loveable. Lots of walks to the parks, both local and state parks, they keep us going!

About the same time, I started venturing into the peacock hair colors I told you about the other day! Passover was about that time, and that led to weekly Zoom calls with the family, it was great seeing everyone each week, like we were in the room together. The weather started getting nicer, which led us to start going on motorcycle rides, just the two of us, exploring Missouri and going over to Grafton, IL, someone recommended it and the ride was so worth it! We also joined a local Indian Motorcycle Riders Group and started going on monthly rides with them. Throw in some demo rides on 2021 models and we were in heaven!

In July, I took that road trip to Colorado to clear out 1.5 storage units, and when I got back, we explored St Charles, MO for fireworks, it was fabulous! It was a last minute decision, but one we’re glad we made! Most people were social distancing and wearing masks, we felt pretty good.

In August, we took a weekend trip to Branson, MO, the Las Vegas of the middle and it truly was! We left the dogs for the first time at a kennel for the weekend, they loved it! In Branson, there was a 5&Dime, fireworks, dancing fountains, shows, celebrity impersonators and mini-golf. The weekend after Branson, we packed up the dogs, bikes, and pcs and headed to New Hampshire for the month. This included work, vacation, and the annual motorcycle ride with PSM’s buddies that I was now able to participate in, because I have my own bike! We even had a visit from some friends and my family! That was heaven and on the way back to St Louis…got to stop and see dad and LaLa and introduce them to the four legged ones! Oh, somewhere in there, my sister’s family got a dog too! Baily came to meet her cousins, it was classic!

In September, back to St Louis and the next weekend, I surprised CWB for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah weekend. I was honored and so happy to be there! Now breath.

In October, met new team members and made friends at work, and Charlene, my motorcycle, reached the 5,000 mile marker! A few more rides with the motorcycle group, with friends, and also just us, a visit from DLP, wonderful! Jimmy Fund virtual walk, thank you to everyone who helped me achieve my goal! Halloween was very low key, hanging out in the neighbor’s driveway around a firepit and toasting marshmallows, what could be better! We had one whole trick-or-treater, their daughter!

In November, we went to an amazing exhibit, Sistene Chapel Exhibition, it brought the Sistine Chapel closer than you can imagine! Then…another amazing event, CJS’s son’s Bar Mitzvah, what an event, he was amazing! Thanksgiving included a Zoom call with everyone we always have Thanksgiving with, calls to friends and family and an ovo-vegan meal! Lasagna and cheesecake, y-u-m! And finally…our fence was finished being updated! We are a whole house again! Oh yeah, it’s November, we voted!

December brought a little holiday decorating in the house, a few events outside, including the Wild Lights at the zoo I told you about the other night and tonight was the Garden Glow at the Botanical Gardens. We did neighborhood drive throughs and a fun outdoor event at 9 Mile Garden, which hosted a holiday party. We’ve been over the summer once or twice. It’s a great venue, they have a cantina, which serves beer, and then a bunch of food trucks. They had music, vendors, movies on the lawn, Santa, Mrs. Clause, and real reindeer!

And that my friends…is a very high level of our year and despite what Covid-19 did to everyone, we still managed to have a pretty good year. It can only get better from here, right?

Happy new year my friends and family, I’m so glad we’re back together again! I can’t wait to share our next adventure with you! Here’s to a happy, healthy, and wonderful new year!


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