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{December 27, 2020}   The end of an era…

There are NO MORE storage units out in the universe with my stuff in it! What?! I know you caught your breath! It’s true, all my stuff is is one place!

Even PL, the woman at the U-Haul in Colorado, said she was proud of me! You know you had some stuff out there when that happens!

You may recall, it all started a while back when I moved from a four-bedroom house in GA to a 2-bedroom apartment in Colorado. I had to do something with my stuff. When my grandmother passed, I didn’t have any place to put some of the furniture I got from her house, so it moved into a storage unit in GA, my first. Then, when I moved to Colorado, I packed up most of the house, but still left it furnished since I was trying to sell it. What didn’t fit in the apartment, went into a storage unit in Longmont, Colorado.

Then, when I left Colorado, I was moving in with my sister until I figured things out and anything I didn’t take with me, went into a second storage unit in Colorado. Over the years, I would go and visit my stuff, on occasion bring something back with me, but for the most part, I would visit it. one time, I even introduced my stuff to PSM. We went to one of the units, I opened the door and said “Stuff, this is PSM. PSM, this is my stuff” and watched him try to hide his horror! HA HA. Not to worry, he still propsed and I said yes. Better he knows what he’s getting in to, right?

When I left my sister’s house, I had a studio apartment, you may remember me telling you about it. It was a dump when I moved in, but I made it my own, it turned out to be a really cute place, needed some more love, but as I said, I made it my own. Then…when I left Boston for Hawai’i…I added what I couldn’t take to PSM’s storage unit.

Yes, friends, if you are keeping track, that is GA: One Unit, MA: One Unit, CO: Two Units. Why do I feel like the Count from Sesame Street?! One Unit, Two Units, Three Units, Ah Ha Ha!

This was not how I wanted to live and honestly, I wanted to see my stuff. So…one of the things that was a must when we moved to Missouri was a basement, so we could get all our stuff from all the units into one place. First…it was GA. Last November, we moved from O’ahu to Missouri, and I just realized we haven’t talked in a while, so you didn’t know we left Hawai’i, sorry! More on that later.

I took my last flight from Hawai’i, PSM flew to Missouri to take care of things for the house and start working, JCT picked me up from the airport, we had a great catch up, then she helped me load the truck with the last of my stuff in GA, then I hit the road and drove through the night to MO. A few years earlier, KAB bought a house with JB and I gave them all my furniture, the coolest part…when I visit, I get to sit on the same sofa I enjoyed for years and I am tickled when I get pictures of the grandkids at the table I used to have. So…GA: Done!

Next…last Christmas, I went to GA, then to Boston, met PSM, we loaded up the U-Haul with the last of our things from Boston and my sister’s house, he flew off to Iceland with our newphew JM and I hit the road and drove our stuff from Boston to Missouri. So…MA: Done!

Next…July 3rd of this year, I dropped the top on the beetle-bug and headed to Longmont, CO. It was a great drive, 12 hours, not the great part, but the weather was perfect, except for Limon, CO, which tends to have torrential rain and hail storms in the summer, no fun, but the rest of it, awesome! Top was down most of the trip, music blaring, what more could you want!

I rented the last four U-Boxes in the state, hired two guys to help me and emptied one and three-quarters storage units. I got back in the car and drove back to Missouri, another great ride, minus the hail storm!

Yesterday, PSM and I loaded the truck up with the dogs, two dog beds, and a travel pen and we were off for Longmont, CO. It took us about 13+ hours, with stopping for gas and the dogs. Good thing we packed provisions, not much open on Christmas day. This morning, we got up, picked up the U-Haul truck, drove to the storage unit and just over 90 minutes later we were saying goodbye to PL, the woman in the U-Haul office, the one who was proud of me, and we were off.

PSM drove with the dogs and I drove the U-Haul. It really wasn’t bad, except for no cruise control, that gets old after a while, but the speed limit is 75 almost the entire way, so how bad could it be! The truck had some nice features. The backup camera view was in the rearview mirror, there were several power/charging outlets and the regulator topped at 75, I wasn’t complaining.

The trip took way longer than 13+ hours, we finally gave up the ghost about 11pm and got a few hours sleep at a rest stop, about four hours from home, that…was heaven! And now…we’re home. But…Colorado: Done!

That means, my friends, that there are no more storage units anywhere in the universe, except for our basement! I’ve been working on paring down, it’s not easy, but I’m working on it. Now that I have all of my everything, I can really get a grasp on what I need to do and start making some serious headway. I have to, for my sanity and my marriage! He’s such a good sport about it all but I can’t do this to him forever!

It really is the end of an era. What’s next!?


It sounds weird, maybe, but I am so proud of you! It takes guts to do all of that. My stuff… it’s a security of sorts. I can see where this is a new beginning. Congratulations!

Thank you Corbitt! That means a lot to me! It is definitely a new beginning and…it’s like the holidays! I am finding stuff in there I haven’t seen in years and…I don’t need to get new work clothes now! HA HA

theblondebondagent says:

I love it! “It’s just like Christmas Day”….. I can actually hear you saying that now!!! Yay for no more storage units. I emptied my last one from ATL a few years ago and it was so weird…..

Lol, I love that you can hear me saying it!! It is very surreal! But it’s done!

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