Peaches Prattlings

{December 27, 2020}   I’ve gone back to my roots.

Ha ha. That cracked me up! Let me tell you why…

I was born with a full head of black hair. As time went on, it lightened a little, but it was very dark brown throughout my childhood and into my teens. I used to try to lighten streaks with peroxide, that takes forever, maybe it worked on a few strands.

Then at some point after college, I started dying it red. It started with the ginger spice look. All over red and two platinum streaks in the front. Then, it was time to have some more fun…all over red with platinum, blond, and black streaks, one time, almost orange, this was when I used to get my hair done professionally.

My mom was a red head and I was always envious. She had the most amazing long, firey red hair, then I was born and used to get my little fingers caught up in it, so she cut it, sorry mom! It got darker over the years and she would get it dyed professionally, red again, but a darker red. I guess that’s where I get it!

So…I was dying multiple colors, oh it was fabulous. Then I stopped going to the salon, it was a wee bit expensive, and started doing it myself. I looked for the perfect red for myself. I’ve done a burgandy wash, that was cool, it was great in the sun, but still looking for the perfect red. Revlon 42, that’s me! [About $4 a box at Walmart! Sometimes, I can even find them 2 for $2, think I stock up?!] I even dye my eyebrows! It’s such a perfect color for me, no one questions it! I’m on the paler side, so the red it just right! When I went to Ireland, no one questioned me! My granddaughter, LB, is almost the same shade of red, no one questions if we’re related!

After having my hair done with different colors and shades professionally, my hair is now shaded on its own, and there are sparklers. We don’t call them grey, we call them sparklers! Feel free to use that one! With the streaks and the sparklers, my all over color is different shades.

When Covid hit, I got a hair cut and dyed it my usualy Revlon 42 and it looked great. Then… I have been wanting to dye it different colors and PSM said go for it! What? Why not! Let’s do it! A few years ago, I had done the Atlanta Women’s 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and dyed my hair a hot, magenta pink. It was awesome! But…I used Splat and what I didn’t do was follow the directions and put vasoline on my forehead, neck, and ears. Guess what color parts of my face turned! Lesson learned!

I really liked the color, it was perfect, I was working remotely at the time, only went into the office on occassion, and it was October, perfect for Halloween! I kept the pink for a while and when I dyed it Revlon 42 Red again, you could see pink streaks in it for months! I loved it!

So…I went back to Splat, it’s easy and you can find it almost anywhere. First thing I did was cover everything in vasoline, I wasn’t falling for that again! First color was aqua, then blue green, then lavendar, and I have to tell you, I LOVED it! Let me tell you, first…I didn’t realize how ‘sparkly’ my hair is now! The coolest part…as the color started to fade, it shaded the sparklers just so! I was getting compliments from random strangers, it was flattering!

August, I went blue, a perfect blue that matched Charlene, my motorcycle, how cool! It is, after all, all about accessorizing, right?! I wash my hair just about every day, so the color tends to fade quicker for me than some people, but it was working. Same thing happened, as the color faded, random people stopped me to tell me how much they loved my hair! Fun!

I dyed my hair blue when I was on vacation and I let the color start to fade because I knew in October I was going to have to conduct Train-The-Trainer with the client trainers, I couldn’t have crazy colored hair. We were also on Zoom, so many people, they couldn’t tell my hair had any color. I was waiting for vacation to dye it the next color, which was going to be emerald green. I had been debating on when to dye my hair or if I should dye it, I thought it looked great and had a feeling I would never be able to recreate the fabulousness.

Vacation came, my hair had almost no color, I needed a change and it was time, so I got down to dying my locks. I left it on for 45 minutes, which is what I usually do and it was awful. First, it didn’t come out emerald green, it was more blue green, emphasis on the green, but not emerald green. I was a little disappointed and then it started to fade more and more and it started getting muddy. It was still green, blue, lavendar, and aqua, but not pretty. You know when you start to mix paint and it gets, well, ugh? That was my hair. disappointing.

So…when we got home from Denver, PSM took a nap, it was 6:30am after all and we had been driving all night and with that nap, I was wide awake, so…under the sink I went. I told you I buy these in bulk! Pulled out the gloves and got down to business. Eyebrows first. Eyebrows have to match the hair! I told you, I do it right!

Thirty minutes later, because the instructions, yes, I read the instructions, said to leave it on 30 minutes for…grey. I did and at 30 minutes, got in the shower and when I got out…looked in the mirror and…”Hey…it’s me!” Yeah, the readhead is back!

PSM even said he likes me better as a redhead and…I look younger! This keeps getting better and better! Like I said…back to my roots! HA HA


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