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{December 24, 2020}   Ohm…Namaste…Ouch

Did any of that tell you anything? Ha ha.

Well, hopefully Ohm and Namaste told you yoga. Ouch, that may not have made sense to some of you, but for anyone starting out might have a clue. I know, yoga is supposed to be relaxing, and it is, but it’s also hard word! There is a lot of stretching and making your body do things it didn’t think it could.

The stretching is the worst for me, my hamstrings are so tight I feel like they might snap. But…you’re supposed to be pushing yourself, and that’s what I’m doing. I need this, I really do, so eventually, it shouldn’t hurt so much, at least that’s what I’m hoping! PSM said it takes about two weeks. We’re at day three, so, getting closer, right? Right.

There is also a lot of engaging your core, sometimes you don’t even realize it, but you’re doing it. Lots of breathing in and out and in and out and in and out, you kind of get the idea. There’s downward facing dog, puppy, happy baby, child’s pose, tree, warrior, alligator, lizard, so many I’ve lost track. It really is great for stretching and working things out. I hoping to get more limber, work out some of the kinks and maybe get a yen for this thing called yoga.

I’ll be honest, it’s never been my bag, I always took cardio classes, weight lifting, worked with a trainer, I think I’ve told you about those. I have taken a few yoga classes over the years and they’ve been ok, when I lived in Atlanta, CKM and I used to do hot yoga, omg, she loved it, I thought I was gonna diah! [that must be said or thought with a Southern accent!]

Now, PSM, he l o v e s yoga! When I met him, he was going several times a week, it centered him and gave him peace and he sweat up a storm, so bonus. One of the best surprises I did as a girlfriend was to take him to participate in a Soul Pose event. Soul Pose is a fabulous, humongous, outdoor yoga session! There were hundreds of us, obviously pre-covid! Ha ha. This was back in 2015, I even blogged about it then! This was at night, we got to do yoga at night, covered in dayglo paint! It was awesome! Check it out.

PSM was steady with yoga for years, then we moved to Hawai’i and when he had shoulder surgery, that kind of put yoga on the back burner, along wtih another injury. Here in St Louis, he was finally ready to give it a try again. I asked him if he would like to do it together and here we are, signed up for the same studio, I have a brand new red yoga mat and a cool new bag to carry it in!

We’ve taken three classes so far. Hot yoga, not a beginners class, “combines yoga postures synched with your breath, a fun and challenging balancing series, and dynamic core work designed to add energizing fire to your life” yup. Then Slow Flow, it was interesting, lots of movement, very concentrated movement “time to explore individual postures and transitions”, and today, Restore, which was slow and lots of stretching “emphasize floor posures in a warmed room to stretch, open and release major muscle groups” yup!

Since you’re wondering, or even if you’re not…they have the studio set up right, smaller classes, marks on the floor where you can set up, masks are a must and everyone is very aware of everyone else.

We were having lunch and I asked PSM if he was enjoying the classes, he is. He asked if I was and I said yes, well, more when I stop hurting! He then asked if I could see liking it, or at least tolerating it to continue. I answered emphatically yes. I enjoy things that we can do together and it really is a great workout. Maybe it will help me with my running. Of course, to do that, I would have to start! HA HA



Wow. The picture is very funny 😀

Thanks, I thought so! I try to find some funny pics to add to my posts!

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