Peaches Prattlings

{December 23, 2020}   If you don’t need to go to Walmart, why would you…two days before Christmas?

Well, for one, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, why would you think about it? And for another, well, why didn’t you look at the calendar?!

We finished with yoga today, that’s another adventure I’ll tell you about later, and we realized we needed something that I found online and we could get at Walmart. So…we went to Walmart. Ok, not the brightest idea, but there we were.

I don’t know what it was, but it was not a happy, it’s almost Christmas vibe, kind of place. The guy we met in the parking lot realizing the monster truck for his kid was not going to fit in his ‘not-so-monster’ truck was nice. PSM and I started chatting with him about the toys we had when we were kids. I still remember the Tonka Truck I had as a kid, but it was small and metal and it did not have batteries and you could not ride it. Well, you could try, but did I mention it was metal and small, and a bulldozer, good luck! Ouch! As I said, he was nice. He was at that point waiting for his mom to show up with the van.

The guy working the door checking that everyone had their masks on was pleasant, he said hello when I said hello, but I didn’t necessarily feel greeted…by the Walmart greeter. Then we walked into the store and it was a little more crowded than we were grooving on, yes, it’s two days before Christmas and it’s Walmart. When isn’t Walmart crowded?

This was also a Walmart we hadn’t been to and I didn’t get any warm fuzzies in there. I asked someone who was working there a question and first, I felt that I had interrupted her, and second, she looked at me like I had six heads and annoyed when I asked my question. Lastly, she had no idea where the section of the store I was looking for was. Fun…sorry to bother you.

We didn’t find what we needed and neither of us was grooving on this particular establishment, so we proceeded to hightail it out of the store. Remember the guy with the monster truck? Mom had just shown up and they were attempting to load it into the van, so PSM lent a hand, such a nice guy. That gave me a warm fuzzy, which didn’t last long because the vibe in the parking lot was, well, let’s just say, the Christmas Spirit hadn’t quite made it.

I am going to take the good cheer I felt chatting with Monster Truck dad/dude who told us we could come and play with the monster truck wherever we wanted to. That…wiped out all the negative vibes from inside the store…almost!


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