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{December 21, 2020}   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I know, I know, it’s December 21st, duh, it’s almost Christmas JJ. Thank you very little Captain Obvious! HA HA.

It’s chilly here in Missouri, not freezing like some parts of the country, but cold, and slightly confusing at times, 21 degrees in the morning, then 50, even 70, in the afternoon. Huh? I remember days like that when I lived in GA, but that was the South. We’re in the middle, right? I’ve been told that where we are is the middle, but the Southern part of the state, so south middle?

We were also told there is at least one day a month, even in the winter, when we could ride our motorcycles, sounds good to me! I have to say, the weather has been pretty good, even when it’s 21 or 34, the days it’s been sunny, I am down with that, I can take cold weather, as long as it’s sunny.

Enough about the weather! One of my favorite things about the winter holidays are all the light displays people put on their homes, and even in their windows. Admittedly, I was having trouble with people putting up decorations before Thanksgiving, because traditionally, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get set up for Christmas. I am used to, well, not used to, but have accepted, that stores are going to put up their holiday decorations and items for sale by Halloween, sometimes sooner. Hey, it gets earlier and earlier every year, or at least it seems that way.

But…that being said, I realized why so many people were putting up their decorations early, we need that extra bit of cheer right now. 2020 has been such a crap year, not everything, but enough, that we need that extra bit of cheer [sorry for the repeat, it fit] and joy, who’s with me?! Someone even said we should leave them up until all the craziness is over and everyone is healthy and safe. I do love the look of some holiday lights, I’ll give the idea some thought.

After getting some food the other night, we took a tour around our neighborhood to check out the lights and what a sight to see. Not every house is decorated, but what there is, is cheerful and happy and makes me smile, so how bad could it be?

With that, I leave you with a wish for good cheer, joy, and happiness. Enjoy the lights!


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