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{December 20, 2020}   Words with Friends: A pickup site?

Since when did Words with Friends become a pickup joint? So to speak.

I’ve been playing Words with Friends since the game first started, sometime in 2009. I was playing like crazy and then took a break from it. I started playing again, now Words with Friends 2, in 2017 and it was a blast.

Now, all of a sudden in the last few months, it’s become a haven of pick up artists. Now, when I say artists, I mean delusional men, and I say men because I haven’t been approached by any women…who think they’re going to get lucky trying to pick me up through a game.

I wish I had saved some of the chats, I wasn’t thinking…this was one of those times that I wanted to talk with you again, but wasn’t actively blogging, so that opportunity was lost, but I found some photos from other people online who have experienced this same thing! Go figure.

Now…I have chatted with people through Words with Friends, but I was actually friends, or family, with these people, so opening a chat and having a dialog, innocent enough. But then…I get my first invite and I didn’t think anything of it, like someone just wanting to say hello, maybe even chat about the game. It starts innocently enough. “Hi, how are you?”, then where are you from, but when they start throwing in ‘my dear’ among other things, you start to wonder. My favorites “Are you happily married with kids?” “I would like to get to know you better, how about chatting using other means?” “What do you know about What’s App?” Seriously? Does that work?

Granted, I did talk with a few of them until it got stupid. “No, thank you for the offer, but I don’t give out my number to people I don’t know or that I play games with”. “Why? I just want to get to know you better.” “We can be friends.” There were at least 2 that I thought, well, this is innocent enough, but alas…

Then the dilemma comes in…if I resign out of the match, then my standing goes down. What I started to do was ignore their messages, either by muting the chat or just not responding. Eventually, they time out or resign, doesn’t count against my stats, and that’s the point, isn’t it? Ha ha.

I started to wonder if I was alone in this. I asked my dad, he hadn’t gotten any invites on Words with Friends 2, but he has gotten invites when he plays online chess. I didn’t have anyone else to ask, so I started doing a Google search and low-n-behold…I am not alone!

Now, hooking up through an online game is not unheard of. I know people who have met their significant others, had an affair, through online gaming, but that was through the MMORPG (Multi-Media Online Role Playing Games). These are games where you spend hours upon hours gaming with people, sometimes groups of people, teams, you chat, you get to know each other, you’re strategizing how to play the game, kill things, whatever, and one thing leads to another and…I’m not saying that’s everyone. It’s also a great place for families and friends to spend time together. But this is Words with Friends?

If you want someone to play scrabble with rapid fire, back and forth, unless we’re friends and sitting next to each other, I am not the right WWF2 player for you. I make my move, then it might be a few hours or a day before I play my next move, no matter when you sent your last move, I’m not that focused. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like the game, but I’m not that competitive. Well…that’s not entirely true, ha ha. I love to win and I’m frustrated when I lose, but I’m not going to sit and wait for you to make your next move, I play about three games on my phone and WWF2 is one of them, I do a round of each, then come back to it later.

Back to the topic. It’s a game and that’s all I want it to be. I’m not interested in chatting with you, I have great friends. I don’t want to know where you’re from or if you’re happily married, you should have friends to talk to about that, as do I. It’s interesting that only men are inviting me to chat and play, hmmm….the girls have better thing to do apparently.

That being said…I currently have 36 games going. That is a bit much, but I keep getting invites to play. I know, I know, “but JJ, just say no’, I could, but I don’t, that’s my own fault. Out of those 36, eight are women and only one of them has invited me to chat and she is family! I can tell a bunch are about to drop off, 6-9 days waiting for them to make a move…thanks for playing!

Bottom line, this post is not against WWF2, I am going to continue playing, I enjoy it, some of my opponents are definitely challenging, and I appreciate that. I’m against the idiots who think their invites and so-called charming ways are going to work. They can leave me alone. Just don’t mess with my stats! HA HA


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