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{December 19, 2020}   Hello Again

Wow, it’s been a long time! Too long by some accounts.

So first, I should probably apologize. I’m sorry for being away so long. It’s been just over two years that we last spoke, way too long and oh my, I have missed you all! Not sure if you’ve missed me, but I sure have missed you!

Based on that statement, you’re asking yourself, well then, why did you stay away so long? Great question! I was enjoying sharing my nothings and everythings with you every day, I really was, but then I got on a project at work that kept me working 12-18 hour days, writing. After writing for 12-18 hours a day, I couldn’t find it in myself to write or talk to you, I failed. Over the last 2 years I’ve written so many posts in my mind, you can’t even imagine! I even started a list of posts that I could write about, but when it came down to it, I just didn’t have it in me.

But…over the last few months, I’ve really thought I wanted to get back into writing/talking with you and well, here I am. I got into another project that had me working 12-18, sometimes more, hours a day and I fell into the same pattern. Some of it was on me, but a lot of it was on the project, we had deadlines and if you knew me, you know I couldn’t just let it slide or miss the deadlines and since I don’t sleep…well, it was easy to do.

Something has changed in the last week+ that has made me take up pen and paper, well, mouse and keyboard to say hello again to you. And do you know what? I am over the moon ecstatic! My amazing husband PSM, oh, I have missed using initials to talk/tell you about people!!! bought me a new laptop to help me with something, isn’t that amazing! Many women are swayed by bling and shiny things, get me a piece of techie equipment and I’m mush! Well, that being said, be bought me this fabulous new laptop that I am using to talk to you.

So…here begins our journey…again! I blogged faithfully for about four years and 1,840 published posts! WOW! Let’s see if we can beat that! Are you with me? I sure hope so, I’ve missed you my friends!

Here’s to the next chapter!


Natalie Ventimiglia says:

This makes me incredibly happy! Can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind.

I really appreciate that, thanks much! I’m with you…I can’t wait to hear what’s on my mind! HA HA

digitsmom says:

Welcome back! Great to hear from you again!

Thanks! It is fabulous to be back! 🙂

Jill says:

Welcome back Jenny Rebecca! I have been wondering where you went and was a little bit worried. Glad to hear you are OK. You were living in Missouri?? Wow that’s a big change from Hawaii!!!. My husband is from Missouri- So when the day comes that we are traveling there again I will definitely look you up. Meanwhile a burning question – were your named for the Barbra Streisand song?

Aloha Jill! Thank you, it’s nice to be missed and welcomed back! 🙂 Yes, Missouri is definitely a big change from Hawai’i! Looking forward to the visit! Funny you should ask about the Barbara Streisand song! I have asked that question many times, but my dad said no, just a name that came to him! Even funnier, my mom at one time looked exactly like Babs herself! Even got asked for her autograph! 🙂

Stephanie says:

Welcome back!! I miss you!! Sorry its taken me so long to read your new blog post. I’ve been so busy!!

Mahalo! Thank you for the welcome! Missing you too! No worries at all! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come back! Busy can be a very good thing! 🙂

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