Peaches Prattlings

{September 3, 2018}   Mon Dieu! Mes Amies! Je suis vraiment désolé!

No, my friends, you don’t need to pull out Google Translate! I was just apologizing! “My goodness! My friends! I am SO sorry!”

There is so much to tell you! I’ve been writing ever since things went south with my blog, so…since I still want to share everything with you…I’m going to post 1-3 entries every day until we’re caught up! Some are short, some are long, I know you’re shocked by that one!

I have done so much in the last few months! I’m on my third international trip as we speak, I’ve had multiple dentist appointments, two crowns and a swallowed tooth, a new project, a robbery, new phone, house hunting, family visits, house hunting, planning a wedding and launching a new blog!

So…The only thing I’m going to say now is Hello! I’ve missed you! I’m Sorry! I’m back! Shall we start singing now?

You have been fabulous! Patient, kind and concerned! I have heard from so many people, some I haven’t heard from in years, wondering what happened to me. Others have reached out to my sister and father and other friends to ask if they have heard from me and am I alright! I am!

I don’t know what else to say but I’m sorry! And the reason I started in French is fitting, I’m currently in Belgium, where they speak French, so how fitting is it that I apologize in French! Since I am on my way to Germany, I say Es tut mir Leid!!!

So, now, my friends, we begin again, I’ll tell you everything until we are caught up and then i just keep telling you everything but only one day at a time! [Which, by the by, is a great show on Netflix! I’ll tell you about that too!]

Weg gehen wir!


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