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{April 2, 2018}   Day 9…Goodbye Guam…Say hello to Saipan!

Long time no speak!

Forty five minute fight on a puddle jumper to Saipan, our next location! We got off the plane like we did Palau and Chuuk, outside the terminal. I think we talked about the Latte, the symbol of freedom and the pillars the Chammoran people used as supports for their buildings. It’s part of their flag, license plates, everywhere. I loved the welcoming lattes at the airport!

We picked up our rental car and headed to our hotel. It was a long grueling eight mile drive! The island is only about 12 miles long!

Here’s the thing about the hotel… The hotel listing made it look like it was right on the beach with cozy little rooms or bungalows. The image, it turns out, was of the restaurant! The rooms are exactly as they looked on, modern, comfortable and an amazing a/c unit, we were going to stay cool!

After checkng in, we went in search of foods, to said restaurant, just as we caught the sunset, our new favorite activity!

The restaurant was open on to the beach, the bar was an lcd panel that looked like a riverbed with swimming fish, very cool! We enjoyed dinner, the breeze, the sound of the surf and the company.

I can’t wait to tell you all about our next adventure… whatever it may be!


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