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{March 26, 2018}   Day 3…Guam

Again, can’t believe I’m waking up in Guam! It’s been on my list for years, nope, no reason, just curious and here at are!

I would like to say I slept in, I really would! But who cares, I’ll sleep when… don’t know, don’t care!

Breakfast, pack up, then snorkeling! We packed up because we’re actually staying another day so we needed to find another hotel. No big deal, not much luggage, shorts, tshirts and bathing suits don’t take up that much room. Although, more than we expected. We each have a backpack and a carry on, the one we didn’t expect is the roller bag, it’s filled with our snorkelling equipment! Our new masks, waterproof bags, flippers, they needed their own bag, go figure!

After breakfast get over to Fish Eye Marine Park, for snorkeling. PSM was here last year and snorkeled, he saw fish and sea turtles, one actually hit him!

Unfortunately, this time, no turtles, apparently they were giving the divers a hard time, so they were relocated. Oh well, we’ve seen them at home, all good. What we did see were lots and lots and lots, did I mention lots of fish! No idea what they were, except the crocodile fish, they mentioned them and to keep distance, they have some serious teeth!

One of the things they did was give us squid to feed the other fish. So, first, I apologized to the squid, it was already dead, but I still apologized. You have to keep your hand above water or it will get bitten! Good advice!

You break off little pieces and throw and they come swimming! You thought I was going to start they start running! Ha ha! It was so cool!!

After snorkeling it was sight seeing the rest of the day. We got in the car and drive. You can drive the entire island in about half a day, we proved that!

The first stop was The Latte of Freedom, no, nothing to do with a cup of coffee, cheeky monkey!

The Latte of Freedom was built by donations of pennies from Guam’s children. It symbolizes Guam as a free nation. It was a vision of Governor Bordallo, just as the Statue of Liberty welcomes people to America, he wanted a symbol of welcome in the Pacific.

It is in the shape of the monolithic structures of the ancient people of Chammoro. Fabulous and what an amazing view of the city, the ocean and the reef!

Next, a drive up the coast and along the way, stomachs started speaking and what did we see…Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove and it turned out, with a cafe!

Lunch time on the water, what a view! We actually had to move, it was too windy and funny enough, the wind was a bit toasty. It was windy everywhere, but better one table back and to the left!

Hummus with pita chips, Greek salad with falafel and a parrot fish salad. Luckily, it did not talk back!

After lunch, back in the car, happy to let PSM drive as he’d seen all this and wanted me to be able to just look out the window. Sigh…

On to Talofofo Falls. The cable car was not in service do it was in the back of a pick up truck going way fast down the hill for us! You knew he was coming because he honked the horn most of the way as a warning, it was different!

There were two falls, upper and lower, both charming and beautiful on their own way. To get there, you cross a suspension bridge, no, I did not shake it with PSM on it! I waited until he was across!

Admired the lower falls, then hiked a very short bit to the upper falls. Saw religious tributes and met a very fat duck, a rooster and some crustaceans.

Then back up in the truck/ cable car and back on the road! We stopped at a park with a statue of Our Lady of Camarin, she stands watch over the people of Guam.

The Merizo Bell Tower was used to call people to worship. It was built after the time of Spanish colonial tansitional period, it’s still referred to as the Spanish Bell Tower.

Next was a stop at the remains of Fort Soledad. Historical, but also an amazing view! You were able to see the remnants of the fort itself, the walls of some of the rooms and defunct cannons that, unfortunately, some people feel is a good place to dispose of their trash.

We drove down the hill we were overlooking to drive through London Bridge. What? I know you’re thinking it, just like everyone else! Apparently, the mayor wanted to raise tourism, so naturally, what do you build? London Bridge!

But… this led to the spot where Magellan landed! Immortalized by the lighthouse liking structure. If you look up and to the left, that’s where we just were!

This was across from the San Dionisis Church Ruins. Spectacular!

Next was a Vietnam Memorial. Breathtaking! It reminded us of the Waimea Canyon on Kuaiu, can you see it?

Our last stop was Tollai Talaifak, Talaifuk Bridge. It’s an old Spanish bridge that has stood the test of time. There’s not much left, but you could take it across the stream if you wanted to.

Back on the road, happy hour was calling! We checked into our next hotel, had a drink and put our feet up for a moment and enjoyed their happy hour and the start of Sunday, then grabbed the keys and went back to The Beach Bar, just in time for their sunset! And a drink!

Just as we got there, people were lined up with their cameras at the ready! Can you blame them?!

Last adventure of the ready… in search of food! Someone I work with, he recommended Meskla Dos, his sister and b-i-l own it. A veggie burger!! I’m set!

I had the veggie burger and PSM had a shrimp burger. We shared onion rings and sweet potato fries and a Rogue IPA for PSM.

After that, it was a walkabout, needed to walk off dinner! Talk and then head to the hotel, we have more to explore tomorrow and…off to our next destination!

See you tomorrow!


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