Peaches Prattlings

{March 25, 2018}   Day Two…Guam!

It’s day two of our vacation.. we’re in Guam! And a fine Sunday morning it is!

Ok, I told my body what time it was supposed to be! Apparently 245am was a good time to be awake! Oh well. Np, not time to start the day, pretend to sleep, that’ll show ’em!

We got up, had breakfast, went back to the room to get ready for the day! We are staying on the ocean, what a view! So calm and peaceful!

We put on our swim suits, went down to get towels and went straight to the water! We had new snorkel gear to try out! These are the full face masks with the breathing tube attached. Sexy, right?!

Fish, fish and more fish! I used my Go- Pro, I’ll share those later. It was so much fun! Loved the new masks, except when your nose itches!

After snorkeling, we walked down the beach, all the way down this part of the island, past different resorts and hotels. We went over some ruins, a stone bridge and a fundraiser.

Paddles Against Cancer, “Hundreds of passionate paddlers and their super supporters glided across Tumon Bay waters today for the 9th annual Paddles Against Cancer event at Matapang Beach.

“We went into one of the malls on the main drag, yes I said one of many, and booked a snorkel excursion for tomorrow. Fingers crossed there are some sea turtles, PSM has great luck last time!

Aren’t these beautiful!

Next was lunch and the a walk back to the hotel, happy hour was approaching and I our future! We were going to walk to the hotel, sweat a little so we could detox for the upcoming tox!

Along the way, we saw Guamzilla. His sandy colored belly represents the sands of Guam, the scales on his head are waves of the ocean, his green color is the green jungles of Guam, there are circles on his leg representing the islands of Guam, Rota, Tinan and Siapan. Love it!

What a walk! We definitely sweat! A lot warmer on the street side, can we go back to the beach?! Back at the hotel, shower, get dressed and head to happy hour!

We went to The Beach Bar, where PSM has enjoyed a free happy hours and sunsets when he was here last. Can you blame him?!

We had a great server, table and view, what more could you ask for?

After an amazing sunset we headed to get some food at a restaurant that was highly recommended, Proa, for a real taste of local food.

We had corn chowder, eggplant salad, short ribs and panko crusted bananas for dessert, yum!

I loved on the menu where it said you ask your ‘proa-fessionsal’! The food was good, atmosphere very nice and it lived up to its reputation!

Ok, I’m beat, how about you?

What’s tomorrow’s adventure?! Stay tuned!


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