Peaches Prattlings

{March 24, 2018}   We’re on vacation!

So… this is going to be an interesting post. This is my Friday/ Saturday post, and I’ll tell you why.

PSM and I haven’t been on away in a while, since Labor Day week last year, so it’s definitely time! And timing is perfect because I just rolled off my project in Illinois and onto the new one in Louisiana. They were ok with me starting for a week and then taking two weeks off. Very fortunate!

So, where to go? I don’t know if you remember me talking about our ideas for traveling. We live in the Pacific, on an island, where do you go on vacation? Why, amother island of course! We went to Kuaiu last year and while we’re living in Hawaii, we want to do as many islands and countries in this part of the world we can get to, that aren’t huge traveling hours for us, if that makes sense.

So…we’re starting with… wait for it…Guam! We’re going to Guam and then figure it out from there! We booked our travel to and from Guam, at both ends of the trip and we’ll decide where we go next, once we get there. I know, some of you are cringing! You need to know where you’re going, staying and when. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for us and we love that!

So… the really interesting part. Guam is 20 hours ahead of us in Hawaii, 14 for the east coast, the rest of you can do math from there! We left Friday afternoon at 230pm, well, we were supposed to leave then… and we arrived in Guam at 630pm Saturday! We lose a day going, but we gain a day coming back. It’s a bit of time travel, without a machine, time machine that is, a plane is a machine! We leave 645am Saturday and get in 550pm Friday!

I’m so excited, for many reasons. We’re going on vacation, spending time together, and… more than just a weekend!

So, it’s about 930pm Saturday here in Guam, the rest of you are probably asleep, dreaming about sleeping in on Saturday!

Cannot wait to share our trip with you!


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