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{March 23, 2018}   This is the life…ahhh. Spoiler alert!

OMG! That is funny! I am saying spoiler alert like it’s a movie I’m about to divulge secrets on and it’s just another “I’m spoiled” moment! Ha ha!

So…I started the morning with a walk along the Mississip, that’s the Mississippi River for those of you ‘not in the know’. My hotel this week looks out over the Mississippi River, I think I shares some pictures the other day of the sunset from my balcony and dinner overlooking the river, the restaurant was a few blocks away.

They built a very nice brick walkway down by the river, railroad tracks on one side, river on the other. It was quiet, very few people out at that time, so it was nice walking along the river as the sun came up. Since the sun rises in the west, it was not in my eyes, but it did make a pretty picture over the buildings downtown.

Then it was off to work for a few hours and then to the airport for my three flights to get home. I flew BTR > IAH > LAX > HNL. That would be, in plain English for those of you not in airports every day! Baton Rouge > Houston > Los Angeles > Honolulu and I’m home!

BTR to IAH, smaller plane, I was in the 2nd seat and it was squished! I barely had room for my bag under the seat and nowhere for my feet, oh well. IAH to LAX, not too bad, it was a much bigger plane and I was on the aisle of a 3 seat row. I’m glad the little girl fell asleep because she was playing games on her phone at full volume and mom didn’t seem to mind.

I have started to enjoy the aisle seat more on flights, it’s interesting. Since I don’t sleep, or rarely, I don’t really need the window to lean on and then if I need to get up to use the lavatory, I’m not climbing over someone or waking them up to do it. Aside from when the carts come down the aisles, it’s not so bad.

Now, on occasion, because of my status I get upgraded. It all depends on the flights I’m on. Shorter legs or segments, if it’s not a popular flight or flight time, you have a better chance of upgrading.

I’ve been upgraded quite a bit over the last few years, not as much as when I first got status years ago. Now that everyone has the airline credit cards, everyone has a greater chance, but status definitely helps. I was upgraded flying to Hawaii once in the past, it was on Delta and the seats were huge and the food and drink were flowing. I’ve been dreaming about the sleeping pods in first class. I cannot stand when we board the flight and have to go through first class, ‘see what you’re not getting!’

Well, my friends, it happened! I was upgraded on a flight from LAX to Honolulu and I was in a SLEEPING POD!!! Yes! I made it to the big leagues! You thought I was spoiled before, O M G!! How will I live with myself now? Or how will anyone else for that matter? Poor PSM!

So, if you don’t know about the pods, they are individual seats, kind of a cocoon, with half walls between you and your neighbor so it’s private, but you can still talk to them, if you so choose. You have personal charging ports, the trays are collapsed and come up from the armrest, no, you don’t open a flap, they slide up! You aren’t bugging your seat mate when you need it. There are tv screens and remotes, you don’t even have to reach out and touch the screen! The remotes also have a game console on the other side of the tv controls.

The seats are like a recliner at home or a movie theater, not big and stuffed, but they recline! You can put your feet up or lay out completely flat! It’s a bed! And the footrest comes up to meet the cubbies/shelves in front of you so that your feet don’t hang off the end of the footrest. Then there is a real pillow, not that teeny scratchy thing in the back! They have real pillow cases and a soft blanket! Both from Saks Fifth Avenue, I only know because they are embroidered. Let’s just say, these sleeping pods are like first class on crack! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The food was ok for airline food, there have been flights with better food, but it was something I could eat, go me! And…I take a chance every time I fly, since I’m either in first class or economy comfort, which comes with alcoholic beverages, I always ask…any amaretto? For the first time since I discovered amaretto and as I’ve told you, I drink it when I want to pretend to be a grown up…THEY HAD AMARETTO! It was an airline sized bottle of Disarono! I didn’t finish most of it, but I had it! I felt so grown up! HA HA! They even came around with a cookies and cream dessert! I couldn’t have it, but it was so cool, had real whipped cream!

And then…my friends…I settled in, watched a movie with my meal, let it digest and then…opened up that seat all the way, I was laying flat, put the blanket over me, soft pillow under my head and zzzzzzz. It was one of the best naps I have ever had!

If I could have one wish for you and my fellow travelers, is to have the opportunity to get a first class seat and be in a sleeping pod.

Life is good.


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