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{March 21, 2018}   ELEVEN?! What? When did that happen? Happy 11 EJS!

Eleven! Can you believe it?!

My smart, funny, sensitive, sweet, goofy, inquisitive niece is eleven years old today! O M G! When did that happen? I still remember the day I found out my sister was pregnant for the first time. Tears starting.

I remember asking her if I could get the Halloween costume. I remember her answer “Of course, because if you don’t, no one will!” Was I tickled? You bet! And I’ve had the pleasure, in case you haven’t kept up with me over these years to get her costume, her sister’s costume and the costume of many of my loves. All because of you EJS.

I’ve watched you grow, from a wee babe, to a little person, a strong and defiant toddler, from “momma do it!” to “EJS do it!”, to not wanting me to leave so much that she wouldn’t talk to me, then as I was leaving looking back and seeing a stark little three year old in the door waving, I’m smiling so wide as I write this, tears starting to roll down my cheeks. To “why?” “Where are you going?” question after question after question.

And I’ll tell you what, it hasn’t stopped. She still asks so many questions, such an inquisitive mind, every once in a while it’s still “why?” but now, the questions are more thoughtful, insightful. Sometimes she doesn’t like the answer, but that’s to be expected with anyone. So she’ll try another tactic, clever girl. Doesn’t work, but she tries!

She’s done gymnastics, swimming, softball, lacrosse and futbal. She excelled at all of them, but oh how she loves futbal! She is on a local and travel team, at least she was, who knows what next season brings. Her dad is one of the coaches and she looks up to him so much! They practice together, go running together, she works out, she’s fully committed. Oh, did I mention she moved from cello to trumpet and a thumpin’ good player she is. I know, I’m biased, I’m her patron of the arts…

She is fierce with her family, they play, they fight, they love, they laugh, they enjoy each other. She and her sister, sometimes I swear they are going to kill each other, but as they are beating the tar out of each other, they are giggling about it, it’s awesome. She stands almost as tall as her mother and it’s a wonder my sister has nothing to wear, we look at EJS and she is usually wearing it!

My niece is bright and curious and wonderful and fun and silly and goofy and if you are getting the idea that I love her to bits, you are absolutely right!

AND she is ELEVEN years old!!! When did that happen?! She was a week old when I met her for the first time. I was in love when I saw the first pic, but, nothing like the first time I held her, no turning back.

Happy eleventh birthday EJS, you are a wonder and your auntie loves you very much!


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