Peaches Prattlings

{March 19, 2018}   Hibernation season is over!

Ok, so, some people might get woogie over this post…

What do bears do when it’s winter, hiberbation. What do some women do during the winter months? Or not do…

Now, when you live on an island, something you have to do is keep those legs shaved, pretty much every day. And other parts…let’s just say. Well, I haven’t been home in a few weeks and even when I was home, I barely wore shorts…so certain things didn’t happen.

I am going to be home at the end of the week and on vacation, can’t wait to tell you about that and in shorts most of the time.

The other thing is, I didn’t have a razor with me! I know, I know! I could have bought one and I usually do, but this time, I would remember when I got in the shower and then forget…until I got into the shower again! So wrong! I found one in my things over the weekend and this morning…ahhh…

Now, it’s safe for me to go out in public in shorts and a tank top! Let’s do this!


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