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{March 2, 2018}   Island Life…it’s rough…
So, last week and this week, I am working remotely.
Yes, you figured it out, that means I am working from home…in Hawaii. Now, I know you’re thinking ‘ooh, rough life’ “I’m not sure I like her right now”. Ok, fine, hate on me, ha ha.

Now, there are pluses and minuses. Wait, did she just say minuses? Yes, I said minuses. Let’s talk about the pros and cons. The pros…I get to be at home, in my own bed, in my house, my dog, the beach, the weather. Um, you forgot your honey. Nope, he’s not here! What? You’re there, he’s not? How does that work?!

Well, I’ll tell ya. He had to be off island last week and this week, so someone had to sacrifice and stay with Mollie, so I fell on my sword for this one, I know, I know, it’s a sacrifice, but I’m so humble, what else could I do?! Ha ha!

PSM was in Illinois, go figure, last week and Iowa this week. I know, you’re jealous, Iowa in February, hold yourself back! So, I’m here in Hawaii. I have everything I want/need, except the fella. Luckily, he’ll be home on Friday so we’ll have our normal weekend together!

Now, here I am in paradise and the con…I am keeping my central time zone hours, that means I start working 5am, I’m glad it’s not east coast hours, that’s another hour! Yup, the alarm starts going off at 4:30am, another at 4:45am, the nice thing, I roll out of bed and into the office, sometimes in my jammies, I have no energy to get dressed yet, sometimes I’m lucky to brush my teeth!

I start work and then take a break to at least maybe get dressed! I work 5am until about 12:30/1pm that’s a full 9 hour day, but guess what I get to do now?! Yup, take a nap! lol. It’s lunchtime about then and…yes, as you may have thought, go to the beach.

Now, at the moment, it’s still winter in Hawaii and the last month hasn’t been great for the beach goer, it’s been colder, windy and raining a lot. I’ve been to the beach three so far since I got home last week, sigh.

I keep looking to the clouds to ask where the sun is and if they could just part a little, but no love there. Now, even though there’s no sun, I’m done by 2pm at the latest and that means I have the rest of the day to do everything or nothing! How much would we love to be able to do that in our normal days? I take nothing for granted!

I finished work and said, I don’t care, I’m going to the beach. So I put in my suit, grabbed a towel, beach mat, bottle of water and my book and to the beach I went. Oh yeah, and a sweatshirt, it was chilly.

I got to the beach, it was Tracks Beach, one of my favorites, a locals beach, it’s not much of a beach, great for surfing, no, I haven’t tried it, too rough for me on a stand up paddle board, I’m not that experienced yet. I think I’ve told you, if there are 20 people on it, it’s crowded.

When I got there, there were two people leaving and two kids were fishing. I rolled out the mat, settled in, opened my book and enjoyed the breeze.

Eventually it was just me and the two fishing and then three boys showed up, all about 10 years old, they played, swam, jumped, horsed around and enjoyed just being together and brothers.

Eventually, the mist came in, a good time to pack up and go. Good thing to! As I was driving, with the top down, the downpour started! Now, the great thing about a convertible, keep moving, windows up and the drops go past ya! I made it home and the headrest was a little damp, but I was dry, love that!

What a day! Even a rainy day on an island is a good day! Who wants to join me?!


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