Peaches Prattlings

{February 27, 2018}   Come and meet the individuals who live with me

Well, there’s PSM and Mollie McDougal, but we are never really alone, are we?

No, it’s not a woogie alien thing, there are creatures all over the planet, they just don’t all have homes, or take their homes with them, so to speak.

When I go onto the lanai, I like to investigate what’s going on and who’s going where. Apparently, our house is a hotbed for snails and slugs. Snails have shells, slugs don’t, in case you weren’t in the know. It was a fact I knew, but there was a great line from the animated movie, ‘Epic’. “No shell baby, I’m a sluuug”, cute movie.

So, snails, slugs and spiders, oh my! check out his coloring! The bees are having a grand time on the basil bushes. You have to be quick to catch a gecko! The birds too, if you move or make a noise, they’re gone!

Oh my, look at that snail fly!

h my… look at that snail fly!


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