Peaches Prattlings

{February 26, 2018}   Ah, there you are!

I love getting a new haircut and I do love my short haircuts.

I’m sure I’ve told you that I look just like my mom and every time I cut it short and dye it this shade of red, I look even more like her. This time several people said it was the best cut and color I’ve had in a long time, the color was perfect, especially for my coloring. That was a lot of color, wasn’t it?!

And then on top of the short haircut, I really like spiking it. It feels fun and fierce. I don’t spike it for a bit after I cut it, at first, it doesn’t need it, stands up on its own! Then it gets too long to stand up on its own, so I need to give it some help. I’ve tried different products, some hold all day, some I find fall flat after a few hours, some are like cement, some keep a wave, some stand straight up, it’s been a challenge. I know when the gel just slicks it all back, it’s time for a haircut.

I cut it a few weeks ago in Denver, I’ve just been washing, scrunching and going, this morning, after I showered, I put gel in my hair and spiked it and looked in the mirror and thought “Oh, there you are!’

I smiled big at that!


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