Peaches Prattlings

{February 2, 2018}   Civic Duty…I did mine!

Seriously? Did that just happen?!

I was on my way to the airport and something happened I think I’ve only seen in movies. I was driving and there was a car in the next lane. Now, I said next lane, not the next lane over with a lane in between us, but right next to me. Let’s just say if there was a passenger, they could have reached out and touched the driver in that car. So, you’re with me so far, I can tell.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a car in between us. What? Yes, in between us, driving over the dotted white line…in between us! How did that car fit?! I looked at the driver, after the intruder zoomed past and we both had our mouths open and chins on the floor.

I thought, ok, an idiot. Then…I saw him do it two more times, successfully, he got stopped two other times. That was it…I dialed 911. Yes I did. As I told them what was happening, they transferred me to the state police and I told the officer what happened. I even…without speeding, we were slowing down, I was able to get his, or her, license plate number. It was a VW, so very disappointed that this driver was giving VW’s a bad wrap!

I wasn’t sure about the color, the car was very dirty, but I saw most the numbers on the plate and reported that. They said thank you and I hung up.

I’ve done my civic duty and I hope they stopped that idiot, they were going to cause an accident!


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