Peaches Prattlings

{February 1, 2018}   Osteria Ottimo

I was in the mood for some good Italian food and I got it!

I drove just past the hotel and found Osteria Ottimo and went in. It was dark, but warm and inviting. I sat at the bar and the adventure began. Some walls are brick, others wood paneling and others white, it all worked. The lighting was intimate, but bright enough to see where you were, your companions and your food.

The little touches were great, like I love a farmhouse sink and subway tile in a bathroom and the window pane signs for the bathroom. And then there were the pigs, oh my the pigs. Of course, I had to look up what the deal was with the pigs, this wasn’t a bbq joint after all!

The pig is highly regarded in Italian cuisine. Search it on the internet and you’ll find all kinds of articles to that end. The owner-chef, Patrick Concannon, found a beautiful picture in a book about the history of the pig in Italy. He loved it so much, that we had an artist recreate it for us and prominently hung it in the vestibule of the restaurant. Upon the restaurant’s opening, we proudly displayed one pig statue for good luck. It is said that if you rub the pig’s nose it will bring you good fortune. And thus the legend began…Friends, family, customers started bringing pigs in to the restaurant and there you have it.

I started with Cavalifore alla Napoletana, it was fabulous! Roasted cauliflower, currants, pine nuts, olive oil and parsley, I left off the pecorino cheese, I’m sure it would have added a little something extra, but to be honest, so did not need it! The entire dish was diced and served warm and I could have eaten two bowls of it, I actually thought about getting a bowl for lunch tomorrow. Wow!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to follow that, but I had pasta with spinache, broccoli, asparagus, garlic and olive oil. It was good, a good amount of garlic, all the veggies were the proper proportion to each other. The chef listened, no extra stuff. I have lunch for tomorrow, maybe even dinner. Overall, yum!

I talked with some of my fellow bar mates, the bartenders, listened to their conversations, part of it, not part of it, just another bar mate. Always a good exercise in psychology. yeah, that’s about the end of that observation.

If you’re ever in Orland Park, Il, look for Osteria Ottimo. Mangia bene e divertiti!


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