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{January 28, 2018}   A day with my fella…

Why can’t we sleep in on Saturday? Seriously? It’s Saturday, the weekend, ever hear of a day of rest? Yeah, me neither! Up early, let’s just say the sun hadn’t greeted us yet. Not fair!

PSM and I sat out on the lanai and had our morning drinks, talking and just enjoying each other’s company, the sunrise and the view. It doesn’t change from this spot day to day, but it’s so wonderful, peaceful, inspiring, calming and beautiful, who cares!

After a while, we decided on a plan for the day, so he went off to do his PT exercises and I did my workout for the day, that trainer of mine is trying to kill me, even virtually!

Then, load up the car; beach blankets, towels, chairs, bottles of water, book, headphones and sunscreen, of course, pet the pooch and away we went. We went to Haliewa Town, on the North Shore and stopped at Cafe Haliewa for breakfast, we were famished! We sat out back, which is only open until 11am, we were lucky. We had a yummy breakfast of a veggie omlet and hawaiian sweet bread french toast with bananas. Doesn’t it look yummy? Tasted just as good!

Then…after a rough morning of nothing, ha ha, we needed a break, so off to Waimea Bay. We found a great spot under a palm tree and set up camp. PSM settled in for a long winter’s nap, ha ha, couldn’t resist that! I went to the shoreline and thought I’d go in and go in I did. The waves were rough, I made it in, was really enjoying myself and a big wave came and stole my fabulous $5 sunglasses from Walmart that I’ve had for about three years. I la la la love these glasses and I hope I can find another pair! I really think Mother Nature has something against me! First my ankle and now my shades, what gives momma!?

After some frolicking in the ocean, and by the way, I cannot wait, like PSM, I know! for his shoulder to heal so that he can frolick and play in the surf with me! I headed back to PSM, grabbed my towel and laid down in the sun, sunblocked, I promise, I learned my lesson! I finished the book that TS had given me and I, OMG, LOVED it! I’ll tell you about it soon!

We sat, hung out, enjoyed, watched people and then…can you see the little bubble of surf? We saw whales! Awesome!!! January is the time for whale watching in Hawaii and there they were! It was cool seeing some yesterday and here we are today seeing them again!

I did like that the lifeguards would give a warning every once in a while about the surf being strong, keep the kids out eventualy and if you wanted recommendations for calmer waters, come to the tower. Very cool. They also warned people to not jump from the rocks if you are not a strong swimmer. I saw t-shirts to that effect! Oh brother!

Eventually, we thought about getting something to eat and along the way up the North Shore, we stopped at Ted’s, which is a famous bakery and got some sweet rolls. Then on to the next beach! I apologize, I can’t remember the name, but look at it, gorgeous,sigh! The sand was much more course, I love how diverse the beaches are!

On this beach we started planning our next vacation. Guess where?! Not telling, but it’s in the Pacific! Yup, we live in the Pacific, in paradise, on an island and what are we going to do for vacation? Go to another island! We figured as long as we live in this part of the country, go see things on this side of the world! I cannot wait to tell you where we’re going!

Now it really was time for food! We went to the Kahuku Sugar Mill, it is now a tourist attraction with food trucks, shops, not much else. They didn’t have anything we really wanted so we went back into Haliewa and went to a Thai restaurant that neither of us cared for, so I’m not going to tell you the name, but the atmosphere was nice and the company even nicer. One of the things I marveled at was that in Hawaii there aren’t many places you actully have to get dressed up to go. Most places you can walk in after coming off the beach, they’re ok with it. Welcome to island life!

After dinner, back to the house to chill and pass out, wouldn’t you after that day?! Beach and beach, it can wear you out!

What does tomorrow hold?!

Day 22


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