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{January 26, 2018}   My happy office…my happy dog…my happy place…my happy honey

It was a pretty happy day, wouldn’t you say? Wait, I haven’t told you about my day for you to make a determination!

Since it was my first morning at home in Hawaii, of course, I woke up way to early, 4am, but that was perfect for starting work, 8am central time, that means I can knock off about 12pm/1pm local time. I did some work from bed, I wasn’t quite ready to get up officially. When I was ready, I got dressed, my weekend uniform: bathing suit, shorts and a tshirt. Then to the table downstairs and then outside while the sun was coming up.

So, not too shabby for a temporary office, wouldn’t you say? My happy office.

Oh, that plane…I texted SDL, she was convinced that it was the same plane, every day!

Eventually, I had to go back inside, the sun was high and in my eyes and no sunglasses were going to help.

A little while later, Mollie came home, she’s been with the dog walker all week since PSM has been on Maui for work all week. So nice to have her home, it was so quiet coming home last night, no dog, no honey. Now… see, my happy dog.

I had a few conference calls, did those, sent emails, updated some materials and then I was done for the day. My happy time of day.

I got a towel, book, blanket, bottle of water, pet the puppy and off to… you, you guessed it, my happy place! What more do I have to say?!

I talked to a few people, some locals, some home to visit, some on vacation and as a treat, we got to see whales! January is the time to see them in Hawaii! We saw two moms with their calves, so cool!

I bobbed in the water, played in the surf, started to read an amazing book that TS gave me, napped for a minute, went back in the water, only to get my left ankle pummeled by some rocks, ouch! But… Mother Nature made up for it by this amazing sunset, wouldn’t you say?!

What was missing? PSM and Mollie! Mollie isn’t traveling as well as she used to and admittedly, without her, I was able to stay on the beach a lot longer. PSM on the other hand, was coming home from Maui and I would meet him for dinner later, that would be my happy honey.

So… what do you think? Happy office, happy puppy, happy place, happy honey, happy me!!

Day 21


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