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{January 26, 2018}   Daisy’s Cafe…you made my flights yum-my!

I found a new vegan restaurant yesterday! And so worth it!

I was talking to someone at the client’s site about being vegan and she’s pescatarian, so we had a lot to talk about! She told me about a vegan place she was going to for lunch and even invited me to join her. I couldn’t, but I knew what I was getting for my flight today!

After work, I went to Daisy’s, it was about five miles from the client’s site, and grabbed a menu and placed my order. Then I took a minute to look around, I had been on a conference call when I arrived and only looked at the menu.

It is a small storefront in a neighborhood, if you didn’t know you were looking for it, you would miss it. It was unassuming on the inside, bright colored walls, one salad case in front of the window where they make smoothies, a counter with the register and about six tables. It was a busy place, a line when I got there, tables were all full and the door opened and closed the entire time with people coming and going.

I ordered a tofu filet, a good size square of tofu, breaded and lightly fried, layered with lettuce, tomato. I also ordered a BLT made with pressed seitan, lettuce, tomato and their own mayonnaise. Lastly, I added a container of mac-n-cheese.

I don’t always get a chance to get food before I fly and I’m so glad I did! A while after we took off I dug into the tofu filet and it was fabulous! I am sure it would have been much better hot and crisp, but it really was good. I tried it with some of the mayo, which was fabulous!

On my next flight, I had the BLT, equally fabulous! It was smokey and rich, you could smell the flavors through the foil. I even put some of the mayo on it, wow! A few hours later, the mac-n-cheese, some of the best I’ve ever had and I was never a mac-n-cheese fan!

Let’s just say, I’m hoping to go there at least once more time before I leave Chicago!

The dinosaur has nothing to do with Daisy’s, he’s just cool!

Day 20


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