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{January 22, 2018}   Let’s get cultured and then kill brain cells!

Order of the day? Ended up Museum, lunch, movie, tv.

So…rouse ourselves about 9am, breakfast, then drive into Manhattan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Met, for those of you ‘in the know’. There was a David Hockney exhibit and we both like Hockney.

Now, if you’re familiar with David Hockney, it’s most likely paintings of swimming pools, which he is most known for. This exhibit was pools and more, earlier work, later work, portraits, compositions, famous people, wild brush strokes and one or two pieces we looked at with our heads cocked and said ‘Huh?”. The pieces did exactly what art should do, evoke emotion or response, even if the response is one of confusion.

There were some pieces I liked and some that I really didn’t and that’s the beauty of it, I don’t have to! There were some portraits of famous people, like Andy Warhol and Van Gogh and then there was this watercolor of someone named Celeste, dad and I were both drawn to it and I wonder if I was because she reminded me of my mom. Check out the piece that depicts a road, it was actually photographs that he pieced together like a collage of different roads in California. I thought it was fabulous!

Then it was on to the Michelangelo exhibit, much darker, lighting wise than the other exhibits. It was sculpture, paintings, drawings and sketches, oh my! The hard part was there were so very many people, you really couldn’t get that close to any of them and with my lack of stature, it was hard to see some pieces at all!

We looked at some of the impressionists, Rodain, Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Cezanne, Matisse, so wonderful! Unknown artists, known artists, a joy! I love going to the museum with my dad, not only does he have a wealth of knowledge of art, he has a passion for it! There were advantages to going to the museum with both of my parents. With mom, she was very knowledgeable as well and we liked a lot of the same painters, ones that dad doesn’t care for, but she wanted to read every single placard!

With dad, he and I love a lot of the same pieces and we have an affinity for the modern, a way of viewing that might not gel with some people. And…he doesn’t want to read every placard, so we could see more of the museum in less time! He was great when I was in high school and had art projects, he and I would go into the city and go to the different museums together to help me get what I needed.

Next it was, you got it, modern! Picasso, Leger, O’Keeffe, Chagall, Rockwell, Davis, Miro, just makes me happy. Some of it is bizarre, but some of it, pure genius, fun, frivolous! Sometimes I look and wonder how it would be possible, not to be happy looking at this much wonder!

When we were done, we had a hunger! So back to Staten Island to a Turkish restaurant we both like for appetizers that fill you up! Babaganoush, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, lentil soup, shepard’s salad, couscous, all delicious! We were stuffed, just like the grape leaves! A little grocery shopping and then back to the house, but then turned around and went out again, I decided I wanted some new boots and away we went!

Back home, it was time for a movie. Blade Runner 2049. Um…yeah. The popcorn was good and we got to see Harrison Ford. Yeah, the popcorn and Harrison Ford.

Then we needed something fun, so we watched another episode of Brokenwood, which was really good and so was the Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy Caramel Almond Brittle. O M G!! Yes, it is that good!

When the episode was over, it was time to talk to you and then crash, my alarm is going off at 4am, back to Illinois!

I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!


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