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{January 19, 2018}   A wonderful surprise

Tonight, while I’m at the airport waiting to go to NYC for the weekend, I got a text.

This text was from one of my oldest and dearest friends with a scheduling question. I thought it was a little odd, wonderful, but odd, since it’s been a few months since we’ve talked and we don’t text or talk as often as we would like.

I had my suspicion and I was hoping I was right so…we connected and got to talk for about 30/40 minutes before my flight and yup, I was right, she’s expecting sweet angel number two! I cannot believe it! I’m so thrilled for her and the entire family!

I love that she called and told me herself instead of hearing about it somewhere else, so very special. This wonderful friend is so much more than that, she’s family, a sister. She was one of the first friends I made in Atlanta and it doesn’t matter how often or not that we speak, it’s like it was just last week or yesterday, no time passes.

Our lives intersected and separated and intersected and separated, she was so there for me when things went down with the wasband and she was one of the first people I wanted to tell about PSM, reconnecting with my kids, so many things we’ve shared throughout our lives.

My one regret, during our separated times, I didn’t get to be as big a part of her daughter’s life as I wanted to when she was little, I was going through things and that is very much on me. I hope that I can do better with her and her baby sister to be.

Mazel tov to my wonderful, sweet, caring, fabulous friend. I am so thrilled for you and love you so very much!

Day 14


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