Peaches Prattlings

{January 18, 2018}   A welcome and tasty surprise!

Have I mentioned it’s not easy being vegan on the road? Nah, I’m sure this is the first time you’ve heard it, ha ha.

Today and tomorrow, I’m in Kankakee, IL and it’s not a hotbed, so to speak, of choices for me for food, especially as a vegan, either grocery store or Burger King, I do love their veggie burger! Now, I’m not disparaging any of these areas, but there generally isn’t a lot around the offices that I am supporting, even the people that work there tell me that!

I went out for lunch and on my way to Burger King, I saw Stefari Cafe and hung a quick louie, that’s a u-turn for anyone not in the know! I pulled in front of the building and went in.

It’s in a charming brick-front building, you can tell they are trying to revitalize the downtown area. You walk in and you are transported to a small hometown cafe with a modern air. You can tell they are trying to keep it small town, but the touches have a modern feel.

When you walk in Stefari,, you feel like this is a place you can hang out. As one reviewer said, a great meeting place.

The decor is kitschy/ country sheik. Hand written menus on a chalkboard behind the counter, comfy chairs to sit it, all of this warm and welcoming.

There were some people working at the few tables in the main room as well as the dim back room. A group of ladies were playing mahjong, it looked like their weekly get together. You almost wanted to ask if you could join.

Turns out, they are not all fluff, the food was good as well, happy to see that! I had the veggie sandwich panini style, yum! Hummus, eggplant, zucchini and red pepper. Admittedly, it would be better with the feta, but a tasty treat overall. I chose the fresh food versus the chips. Well worth ita With it, I had apricot loose leaf tea, yummy.

I have to say, Stefari Cafe is here to stay, I hope it’s widely discovered! And i, for one and thrilled that I discovered it!


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