Peaches Prattlings

{January 13, 2018}   Wow, I actually heard that!

Now, you know I have status with airlines and hotels and I use it to try to get extra fabulous on occasion, right?

The most I have ever done is ask at the front desk if there is any fabulous they can do for me and sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. I appreciate the times there are.

Now the airlines have been great automatically doing things, like upgrades, get my bags on the plane by the skin of their teeth.

But I have never pulled the “I’m a Diamond or Platinum whatever” to get something. The most I have ever done with that is said “I’m Diamond and I pretty much live in hotels and I want to point this out”. They try to give me points or whatever, I’m not looking for that, just to let them know someone isn’t living up to their standards.

Tonight, on my flight, I encountered ‘one of those’. The guy next to me did not like his, seat choice, apparently they didn’t recline. He said to the flight attendant, and I quote I am a 2 million mile flier and I expect…

Seriously? If he booked late like I did, these were the only seats available, at least he didn’t have to sit in the middle!

You know what I have to say… grow up!

Day 12


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