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{January 10, 2018}   Why does this not compute? My mouth is in fire!!!

I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but when it comes to spicy food, I’m a wimp!

Being on the road and vegan, sometimes it’s hard for me to find places to eat. At all. Most people have a common conception that certain nationalities are a sure bet, not so. A lot of people think ‘oh, Indian, you’ll be set!’ actually, not true. While there are some great options, but they love heavy cream, yogurt and cheese, let alone the meat, but that’s besides the point. Vegetarian, great, vegan, not so great. I digress.

Now, on the spice scale, I am a wimp. Some places listen, especially when I say ‘black pepper is spicy’, their reaction, ‘oh my!’ They thought I meant super hot stuff, no, black pepper is a good level to explain. You may think it’s just my taste buds, that are affected, but it’s more than that. I can’t process spicy food, I have gastritis and spicy food does nasty things to my system. There you go. Enough said.

So, you can see my dilemma.

Tonight, all the vegetarian or vegan options for restaurants that were near me were Indian and I do love Indian food, so that sounded lovely. When I got there, I was the only one there until a family showed up.

The waiter was great when I asked for recommendations based on telling him I was vegan. Unfortunately, my choices dwindled, but that’s alright. I found samosas, cauliflower and potato, rice, garlic naan and vegetable soup. I asked, as I went through each item was it spicy and the response was ‘how spicy would you like it?’ Not at all. No problem.

Um…Everything was very tasty, but my mouth is still on fire! It started with the samosas, oh my! Then the vegetable soup! I had to ask for sugar and when I said it was too spicy, he said “oh, maybe I’ll make another one not as spicy” What?! Now you get it?

The cauliflower and potato was quite tasty, not too spicy, whew! I’m glad there was rice, that helped! The naan was terrific! I promise, I enjoyed the entire meal, it was just a tad spicy, well, that’s an understatement! And my stomach is not too happy with me right now. Oh well, it was an experience!

Took the leftovers for lunch…will I be chancing it? Hmmm

Day 4


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