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{January 7, 2018}   What a weekend! Just me and my girls!

This was an Auntie J weekend with EMS and MGS. How happy was I? Does over the moon cover it? A bit!

I arrived late Friday night and got to the house and the girls were asleep already, so I snuck into their rooms and kissed them both on the cheek, one of my favorite things to do! They are so angelic when they sleep, sigh.

They let me sleep until about 7:45am, so generous! EJS woke me, to let me know I was sleeping late, go figure! But then she crawled under the covers with me for some snuggles, giggles, goofing and maybe a tickle or two. Then she was done, ready for breakfast. I wasn’t quite ready, I needed a little MGS snuggling, so they swapped places and more snuggling, giggling, goofing and tickling, I was good. Another sigh. Now it’s time for breakfast.

Then, what to do? Well, with all the snow in Boston, some playing outside was required and requested, how do I refuse? Luckily, my b-i-l, ACS, has outdoor clothing sitting right there that fit, perfect!

There was conquering the snow mountain across the street, sliding, climbing and snowball fighting! Then…let’s go sledding at the high school! Load up the car with tubes and toboggans and head to the high school. We made it up the hill, did three runs, two MGS and I were on the toboggan together, the last time, we raced EJS down the hill, awesome!

It was a serious workout getting back up that hill! The snow was deep and it was ffffrrreeezing! So what do we do after playing in the snow? Hot chocolates from Dunkin’ Donuts of course!

Back to the house to relax and enjoy our hot chocolate, EJS and I watched National Treasure, I hadn’t seen it before, she filled me in on what was happening. We had to rest up, we had more to do!

We bundled up a while later and piled into the car, to the movies we go! We chatted and sang and were goofy all the way to the movies, found a place to park and ran to the theatre, it was too cold to be outside!

We got to the theatre and ran into someone the girls know from the synagogue they go to! What are the odds? And…we were going to the same movie! They took EJS into the theatre to get seats, she came back out and we got snacks for the movie and headed in to find our seats and our friends.

Then the lights went down and we saw some great previews, movies that I know we will be going to together, then…The Greatest Showman started and we were hooked, it was great! Movie review coming in another post. All three of us loved it and we were singing and dancing all the way out of the theatre!

What to do next? We tried the bowling alley right there in the same complex and they had a 2-3 hour wait! What? The manager felt bad and gave the girls passes for future games, how nice!

And guess what, the next alley we looked at, same problem, so…what did Auntie J find? Skyzone! Perfect, indoor activity here we come! I have always wanted to go and here was my opportunity! First, I checked to see if there was availability, whew!

We went into Skyzone, signed our lives away on the waiver, that only took forever! We got our socks and away we went! We jumped and jumped and jumped! We took a break for the foam pit and then the ninja warrior course where they ran, jumped, bounced and attempted to climb up the wall, MGS was really entranced with this one and I probably got about 10 videos of her trying, she managed to get about 75% up there, impressive!

We had booked an hour, that was good enough! We were all beat! So then it was time to go home and we were hungry! Stop at the local pizza joint they like, pick up a pie and salad and headed home.

We had dinner, then it was a little tv time until it was time for night night. PJs, brush teeth, lights out! I sat with each of them as they fell asleep and then I watched some tv, talked to you and then it was lights out for me!

Was that enough for Saturday? Don’t forget, it’s Sunday!

There was no sleeping in this morning, we had Sunday school to get to. EJS was up, I actually had to wake MGS! I gave her little kisses and got her up. They made their own breakfast while I took a shower, wahoo! Then it was load up and off we went, luckily the synagogue is only about a 2-3 minute drive!

I headed back to the house for breakfast for me and to relax and veg in my toasty slipper socks and favorite hoody! A few hours later, picked up MGS and then I got a call from GES, “EJS is done, could you pick her up?” what? Uh oh, I confused the time, I was going to pick her up 15 minutes later, again, luckily, only 2-3 minutes away!

We came home and I asked what they wanted to do…chillax! Seriously? Too funny! We chillaxed, EJS wanted to watch football, so I watched a little with her while MGS watched My Little Pony mysteries, go figure!

Then GES came home a little while later, we started putting together her Chanukah present, it’s a chair/stool just like the one our grandmother had, I actually found it online! Then she took the girls to a camp event, meeting new campers, they do this every year, to help the new kids feel welcome and know a few people before they go for the firs time, isn’t that great!

They were gone for a bit and I talked to CWB and HH, I was so happy to catch up with two good friends and then ACS came home and we had some lunch and watched football, yes I watched football. Well, half watched and played games on my phone and dozed off, it was fabulous!

Then GES came home with the girls and a little while later we ordered dinner, talked about when they finally plan their trip to Hawaii, guess who cannot wait for that! We talked to dad, caught up on their weekend away and then it was a little more football, time for baths, a little playtime and then bed. Wow!

Ok, are you tired now? So, there you go my weekend with the girls and I need to get some sleep, my alarm is going off at 3:30am! I have a very early flight back to Chicago!

What a fabulous weekend! Love my girls!

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