Peaches Prattlings

{January 5, 2018}   Nor’easter here I come…

Oh brother! I can’t catch a break!

Tonight, I flew from 8 degree Chicago, it had warmed up from the -2 when I woke up this morning, to 16 degree Boston. And by the time I wrote this, dropped to 8 degrees.

Apparently, I send out I love the cold vibe! My first project with my company, Michigan winter, then to Kentucky for summer, then Illinois for fall and beginning of winter, transfer to Buffalo for the remainder of the winter. Next was Boston for part of the winter, then spring, then back to Buffalo and then Chicago for the tail end of winter, then spring, summer, fall and full winter and then… wash, rinse, repeat.

And here we are at winter again. Either I have a penchant for winter or someone doesn’t want me to see the sun!

But… you know what happens when I get to my sister’s house, don’t you? Snuggles and hugs from EJS and MGS, so how warm will I be? Oh yeah!


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