Peaches Prattlings

{January 3, 2018}   Nope, I want to go back!

It was in the mid 70’s when I left home yesterday and in the single digits when I landed in Chicago this morning. Just send me back!

When I was packing yesterday, I kept looking at all my long sleeve, warm clothing and then I’d pass by a mirror and see my shorts and t-shirts! Running around I almost started sweating!

I laughed with SDL when I showed her my parka and knew that this was my reality and vacation was almost over. Sigh…

I was wearing leggings and slippahs, it was fabulous. Got my bag and immediately put on my long socks, winter boots, scarf, hat, gloves and parka. Ok, ready to face the cold.

SDL isn’t leaving until later tonight, so she’s been sending pictures all day, not fair! It’s ok, I’m glad they’re enjoying Annie, the weather and the beach. Back to reality tomorrow.

And now it’s snowing. Winter is here, stay warm!

I wanna go home!


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