Peaches Prattlings

{December 28, 2017}   Turtles and the Shaved Ice

The nice thing about vacation…no schedule, you go when you feel like it.

We roused ourselves and eventually headed out towards the North Shore and Turtle Bay. We passed everyone else looking for the turtles and ended up at Turtle Bay Resort at Roy’s for some lunch, a little sand, sun and water time. You really should see Miss A’s face when the water rushes over her feet!

PSM met us at Roy’s, he even left work early, sweet! Then, we headed out again down towards Haliewa, pronounced Hal-i-eva, in Hawaiian, w is a v sound. We stopped at Laniakea Beach with everyone else looking for sea turtles. Apparently, the turtles don’t know that we are all looking for them and don’t seem to care! Every time PSM and I did see a turtle, it was by chance, so…maybe we’ll get the chance again! Ha ha

But, while we were there, the waves, smells, feeling of the ocean was heavenly and worth the stop!

Then…on to the town of Haleiwa for some shaved ice. The line was crazy but moved pretty quickly. There are so many choices! You can pick at least 3 flavors, more flavors cost extra. Then you choose if you want beans, sweetened condensed milk, ouse cream and more! There is serious science to this process! A small is $3 and a large $3.50, a bargain! Especially for Hawaii!

PSM and I looked at each other when SDL ordered one for herself and one for Miss A! But if you know Miss A, she’s a champ!

Then back to the house to chill and pack, tomorrow is another adventure… to another island! The alarm is going to come way too early, but so worth it!

Sweet dreams! [Literally!]


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