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{December 18, 2017}   My dad rocks and my sister has an anniversary!

I think you already know I think my dad is awesome, but I’m gonna tell you again! So there!

Today, I had to mail out those packages I told you about yesterday and we were at the post office and as I’m writing some addresses, a woman comes in, looks to be about my age and is grinning like a Cheshire cat and I look over and she says quietly, I think I know him! He looks so familiar! I smile and then I look at my dad and tell him what she said. They look at each other and all of a sudden, the light bulb is going off over both their heads! And the recognition is starting to creep in.

First, where did you go to high school, that wasn’t it, she didn’t go to the school he taught at. Then they both start to talk sports, high school sports that is and all of a sudden, he said soccer and they both said basketball! She was on a rival school’s girls basketball team that my dad was coaching! She is now a teacher and the basketball coach at my old high school. They started going down memory lane, ‘you played with so and so’, ‘you were great’.

I have to tell you, all I did was stand there, addressing my envelopes and grinning from ear to ear and my chest swelling with pride! I love when people see my dad and get excited. And he remembers so much about his days as a coach and the people he coached and or coached against, and what a coach he was! Boys basketball for a minute, girls tennis for a minute, then girls basketball and soccer.

He was a such great coach, as evident by the Facebook friends in his former players, the things people say when they meet him, the glint and gleam they get in their eye. It tickles me so much, I am so proud of him and to be his daughter. Like I needed another reason!

On to the next great thing happening today, my sister and brother-in-law are celebrating their thirteenth wedding anniversary today! I remember the day I met ACS, had no idea what would blossom and develop and a few years later I would be standing up next to my sister as her matron of honor and a minute there would be a bundle of joy and love and light called EJS and three minutes later there would be a fireball of love and goofiness and wonder and now thirteen years later I would be sitting here, wishing them a very happy anniversary.

What a fantastic couple they are, standing by each other, with each other and for each other and you know my family has been through some shite over the last few years. They have stuck together and stuck it out, through thick and thin, as they say and whatever adversity has thrown their way, they have smacked it straight out of the park, but what’s most important is they did it together.

I’ll never forget way back in the beginning when we were all sitting at the table in my parents kitchen and ACS said something and GES zinged him but good! I was so proud and ACS was thrown and thought it was great! My sister, so cute, still in the honeymoon phase apologized! What?! Nooo! you don’t apologize for a good zing, you go with it! Today, they have fun and zing each other left and right and I love watching it because most of the time, they can’t keep a straight face when they do it!

They welcome everyone and anyone into their home as if they are family and they pretty much become family instantly. You come into their home and it’s welcoming and warm and you feel like you can prop your feet up on a chair or chill out and take a nap on the sofa and no one would say boo. I’ve told you about the holidays and parties and get-togethers, once you attend one, you have an open invitation to the next and so on. This is a life they built together and it’s fabulous to see.

Here we are thirteen years of marriage later and they are as strong as ever and and I am looking forward to watching the next thirteen and the next and the next to see how much more fabulous they can become, I have a feeling they are going to be a force to be reckoned with, wait, that’s what they are now. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Happy anniversary GES and ACS. I love you both very much.


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