Peaches Prattlings

{December 15, 2017}   I tried it, it worked!

So…tonight, I tried a new dish that I patched together and it worked. Go figure!

Last night I got to my new hotel out in the middle of no-where, but 8 miles from the client site and that works for me! I was hungry, so I found this Mexican restaurant in the shopping center next to the hotel, aptly named El Mexicano. I was in the mood for huevos rancheros, which is not something Mexican restaurants make after breakfast time, so I was in luck.

For those of you who don’t know what huevos rancheros is…it’s a dish with rice, eggs, beans, salsa and served with tortillas. One thing is the eggs are normally over medium and the plate they serve it on is very hot, so I can usually break the eggs and cook them, as we know, I do not like runny eggs at all! This time, I asked them to cook the eggs over hard, and they did! I added guacamole and then at the hotel, I built my tortillas, it was quite tasty.

Tonight, I went to the gym after I got to the hotel and didn’t get to the restaurant until about 8:50, they closed at 9pm. Noooo! What to do?! If I had only left the hotel directly from the gym I would have made it. Oh well. Think…

Ding Ding Ding! Taco Bell, which I know people poo-poo, but I happen to like it. I also know exactly what their rice and beans are cooked in, vegan all the way baby! So…Seven Layer Burrito, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes. Is that seven? I ordered it without cheese or sour cream and apparently, this is called al fresco! So, ya loin somethin’ new every day!

I really wanted huevos rancheros and, ding ding, ding…Dunkin’ Donuts! What? Add a donut you’re asking! No! I’ll tell you! I got an egg sandwich and brought everything back to the hotel. I then opened up the burrito without the dairy, put a piece of fake cheese and sliced up the egg, then roll it back up into burrito form and enjoy.

Let me tell you, it was yummy! It covered everything I wanted, huevos rancheros: eggs, lettuce, tomato, beans, rice, cheese, what more could you want? I was happy and that’s what matters. Y U M!!!


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