Peaches Prattlings

{December 13, 2017}   Gee thanks for telling me that again…

When you know something and don’t really need it thrown back in your face, huh?

I am travelling next week and one of my flights is home to Hawaii, going to spend the the rest of the year at home and we have special visitors coming to stay with us, more about that later!

Now, I booked this flight a few weeks ago, I waited too long to begin with since I wasn’t sure about my schedule, and that made it expensive enough. Now, something has come up next week that I need to re-arrange my flights for this weekend and going to Hawaii. Not a problem, get on the phone with the travel company we use for work and take care of it.

I do 99% of my travel arranging myself, we have a great travel port that I can select flights, cars, hotels, the whole lot. When it gets complicated or I need to change, rearrange, whatever, I call them, and let them do the searching, they can look at more things at the same time, they are incredibly helpful.

What I didn’t appreciate, after I told this person why I was rearranging my travel at least three times, he says “most people book flights to Hawaii in March”. Gee, ya think? All my flights from February to October of this year were booked in January to avoid the high prices. This flight was not and obviously, if I am booking tonight for next week, it ain’t gonna be cheap.

So…it might behoove, isn’t that a great word! you to listen to what I am telling you and why I am doing this right now and not throw it in my face that because I am rearranging travel it is that much more expensive. Wow, thank you Kreskin.

Anyway…after all of that, I am finally booked going where I need to and I am going to be home to celebrate New Years Eve with friends and family, that sounds good to me and all that matters.

On a side note…I walked a total of 6.85 miles yesterday. I could not get myself out of bed in the morning, my alarms were being funny, so…in the evening, I got on the treadmill and did 3.49 miles. I’m comin’ for ya’ 15k!


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