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{December 7, 2017}   Just like mom used to make…

Tonight, I made something and when I tasted it, it was like my mom was right there with me.

I’ve made this dish once since I was a kid, I was inspired the other day when I was looking in the pantry I saw one main ingredient and when I went to the grocery store picked up the other main ingredient and tonight I made it. I have such fond memories of my mom making this when I was younger.

It’s kasha varnishkas, a dish descendants of Ashkenazi and Yiddish-speaking Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia and look at that, I am! It is made with kasha, an earthy and fiber-filled grain, is one of the oldest known food staples in Eastern European cuisine and bowtie pasta.

This was such a comfort food from my childhood. I made this once before, but I didn’t follow these directions, at least I don’t remember doing so. Tonight, I followed the recipe from the link I posted and it turned out fabulous! I baked the kasha in the oven with an egg and salt, that made it nice and toasted. Then I cooked the kasha on the stove top in boiling water, got it nice and fluffy, the way rice cooks, almost. At the same time, I so should have taken photos of my progress, I had three pots and pans going on at once! I didn’t have any onions as the recipe called for, but I did have minced onion flakes, so I browned those in vegan schmaltz. The last pot had the farfella pasta, or better known as bow tie pasta, fun to eat and say bow tie pasta!

Schmaltz, for those not in the know, is chicken fat, which, as you know, I am definitely not using! I used a vegan butter, which actually has quite a lot of flavor and a good texture. I will let you in on a little secret about me. I don’t care of ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ is vegan, I don’t think it tastes like butter, I’m not a fan of margarine, it’s ok for cooking with, sometimes, and country crock….um, no thanks. So, Earth Balance is a nice vegan spread that has a nice flavor, no, it does not taste like butter, but it makes you warm inside, so there!

The pasta was cooking, the kasha was cooking and since this is a very simple dish, I needed protein. I’m pretty sure my mom cooked this as a side dish, but what I made was ginormous, so…it was the main dish and I added some seitan, this was made by Uptons, it’s pretty good. Now, we all know it’s not real chicken or steak or whatever it’s portraying, but it’s got nice texture, something to really chew and adds protein, job done!

The vegan schmaltz, kasha, bow tie pasta, onions, seitan, all combined was a good dish and made me think of my mom, almost as if she was in the kitchen cooking and me asking whats for dinner and her answer ‘poison’, that was a family joke I’ll tell you about some time. But the first smell of the kasha, the first taste. Yup, all mom. And yum!

There’s plenty left, want to come for leftovers?


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