Peaches Prattlings

{December 3, 2017}   I’ve made what?

This week, I’ve been home and cooking! It’s been brilliant! And, just using what’s in the house and the pantry is getting bare!

So…I’ve been home about a week and helping PSM through his recovery, he’s fine, promise, but we’ve been a little house bound and I’ve been cooking. It’s been great fun, since it’s not something I do or have to do every day, I get to create. I’ve been going through the cupboards and getting creative.

There have been egg sandwiches, pb&j, eggs and rice, turns out we have a rice cooker and a ginormous bag of rice, doesn’t everyone have that in the pantry. Eggs and rice was good, I remember eating that when I had a procedure coming up and I had to do very bland, and then I got on an egg and rice kick, so I started added different seasonings, this time I added rice seasoning, which I got at an Asian market, it’s the kind you find in some Asian restaurants, it has sea salt, seaweed and sesame seeds, and some other spices, love it! Adds salt and some additional flavors, gives it a little something extra.

One day PSM said I really want some ice cream, we don’t have any in the house, but…I happen to have a frozen fruit ice cream maker! And four frozen bananas, add some vanilla and voila! Ice cream!

I said I wanted rice pudding, so…looked up a recipe for vegan rice pudding and we had all the ingredients except the imitation almond extract, quite tasty when you add maple syrup, raisins and almonds, it was a great breakfast treat and enough for two breakfasts, yum! I am going to experiment with some different flavors, look at me go!

I even cooked turkey burgers, no not for me! For PSM! First time, he said they were good, have to go with his opinion on that! Brussel sprouts rice and hot dogs, well, veggie dogs, needed a little protein in there. Lentil soup with chicken and rice, ooh that one was tasty! I definitely liked it better than the brussel sprouts and rice, but ya gotta start somewhere!

Part of the problem…we keep watching cooking shows or more baking shows, so we are hungry more often than not! Not good! Now I want to make a sponge cake! It’s mostly British Baking Championships and they do love their sponge!

I don’t mind cooking, I enjoy it even and figuring out what to make with what you have but…I think it might be time to go to the grocery store! What should I make for lunch?!


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