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{November 19, 2017}   ST2 O M G!!!

What am I supposed to do with my life now?!

I am, of course, if you have been living under a rock and just don’t know…talking about Stranger Things Season 2! I just finished binge watching season 2. I was hoping to binge watch it when it first came out, but my schedule just did not permit and Netflix was being a pita and not working on the downloads with me, grrr.

I watched the first three episodes sporadically, while I was on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym, but tonight, I had the time and finished the last three episodes and I am so glad I did, but now, I feel lost! What do I do with my time!

I am still kind of surprised that I liked this show, I’m not that into the supernatural and it’s got monsters and scary stuff, but there are a few factors I think that transcend. It’s a mini series, it’s centered around kids and they prevail, the heroes even, the bad guys get what’s coming to them, almost and it’s nostalgic, set in the 1980’s so those of us who lived through the 80’s can relate and it feels like there are more of us than kids today watching it. And, MP, a friend from college, said, “Any season willing to build its story around Dig Dug has me hooked for life! S2 was sublime”! I LOVE THAT!

He’s right! A series built around a 1980’s video game, but not focused on the game, works for me too. I was a huge fan of video games in the 80’s, mostly Ms. Pacman and Pacman, and Tetris. I played others, like Dig Dug, Frogger, Donkey Kong, but they weren’t my focus like Ms. Pacman.

I remember watching season 1 thinking there is no way they can top this, and they did! I am tempted to watch season one and two soon, but…I’m also tempted to just wait until season 3 comes out. What? I have to wait an entire year? THAT does not make me happy!

Now, there are things I didn’t groove on, and of course, these are strictly my opinions, of course. Some character development. Billy and Max[ine]…You eventually find out why Billy is the way he is, but there is no indication where these two came from and why they are in Hawkins at all. What purpose does Billy serve except to cause trouble and be a tool. Why was it important to introduce Max into the group? Did they need another female? Was the dynamic off because Eleven was gone? Was it just to cause tension between the guys? An adolescent thing? She helps, but did she need to be there?

Dr. Owens, is he good? Bad? Transformed? All I kept thinking was, is he going to change his mind? Is he actually going to do something positive? He definitely evoked negative feelings towards him. You have to have someone from Hawkins Labs to dislike, right?

Bob. Oh Bob. I think like a lot of people, we were skeptical of Bob, he’s interested in Joyce, but was he a spy or just a really good guy, one of the good guys, who really likes her and her kids. He’s an all around good guy geek, that was enough for me.

Kali, the lost sister. She’s in, she’s out. Yeah, that’s about it. Will we see her again? Can Eleven change her mind on the way she sees the world? Will they see each other again? Can she do good with her powers?

Mama, Becky. Eleven found them, now what?

Emotions for what was happening. The loss! I didn’t see some of it coming, did you?! I remember in the middle of binging, all I posted to Facebook was “NOOOOOOT BOB! NOOOOOOO” And the reaction I got was awesome! One person said who is Bob and what happened, I knew they had no idea, but the rest, priceless! Isn’t that awesome when you can post something like that and everyone knows what you’re talking about! I honestly thought he might turn up somewhere towards the end of the show. Of course, who knows what’s going to happen next season!

Plot questions…Hopper and Joyce? Max and Lucas? Mike Wheeler and Eleven, will it be able to blossom? Jonathon and Nancy? Did you cheer for that one? Is Steve going to be alright on his own? Billy and all the lonely moms? Did Dustin’s hair eventually do the trick?

I got done with this series and felt like I did at the end of reading the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, which I read pretty quickly in a row. What do I do now? I am lost, I was so focused on the show, nothing else matters! There have been others, binge watching doesn’t always help with giving yourself time to figure out what to do next or in between. You have it and it’s gone.

People have tried to fill in gaps on what they think I should watch, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Walking Dead, but none of them appeal to me. I’ll find something.

It’s hard to say if this series is for you, turns out it was for me. If you like mystery, intrigue, Sci Fi, exploration, powers, magic, the unknown, hope, kids persevering, goofy adults, believing in yourself and sometimes, when you can’t, others believe in you, friendship, love, truth, grit, inner strength, friendship. Yup I listed friendship twice, it’s that important.
Well, if any of that sounds like you, give it a shot, it’s only nine episodes, what have you got to lose, except a few hours and if you like it, you’ll be like me!

ST2…O M G!


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