Peaches Prattlings

{November 11, 2017}   Happy birthday WCH!!

It’s actually CH, his given name is WCH and we just called him by his middle name.

Did you need to know all that? Probably not, but it’s my blog, ha ha! But what you do need to know is that November 11th is a very important to me. It’s the day my son, WCH was born!

I met WCH about a month after his seventh birthday and it was love at first site! We hit it off immediately, I get along with kids, but this one was special. His sister, TYL, now she was another story, a much tougher customer! She was very protective of her dad and brother and I respected that very much.

WCH was cute and funny and shorter than me! He was loving and sweet and a hugger and a love muffin and a snuggler, oh we all loved Saturday and Sunday mornings, they used to crawl in bed with me and we wild talk and cuddle and laugh and tickle and be silly, just like parents and kids should be!

It was such a treat to watch him grow up into this amazing man I see before me today. A very smart kid, on occasion I wasn’t sure if he any common sense, but I think that’s part of being a kid!

Today, seeing the amazing man he has become is so fabulous. He is a wonderful husband, a doting uncle and always a kickin’ brother! He is confident in the kitchen and everyone works for and with him respects him and values this relationship.

It makes me swell with so much pride to see him today and hope that I had a small part to play is his amazingness for the time we were together as a family when he was a kid.

Happy, happy, happy to a man I still think of as my baby boy! I hope today is as fabulous as you!


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