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{November 4, 2017}   How much can you pack into one day? We’re in Vegas, let’s see…

You know how I roll, right? It’s a weekend, so let’s pack as much into it as I can! Who needs sleep?!

Saturday morning came way earlier than it should have, but that gave us the opportunity for pillow talk. Literally. We both stayed in bed, turned on our sides and, refusing to remove our heads from our respective pillows and talked. There you go, pillow talk!

Eventually, it was time to get up and greet the world, sigh. Get motivated and have some breakfast. How about that view!? We had breakfast at a cute little place between the convention center of the hotel, also where our room was, and the casino, Bacio. We shared a skillet and some pancakes. Don’t you love how they gave me raw sugar? Like rock candy! I remember when GES used to make rock candy!

We leisured over breakfast, deciding on what to do later in the day. First thing…I have always wanted to go to the neon sign museum. Let’s go! The Neon Boneyard was…sold out! They were closed from 2pm-9pm for an event, wonder if it was a wedding, how cool would that be! So…we got tickets for an 11:45pm tour! Love that!

We discussed other things to do and decided on a show for later tonight, but had to fill the time before that! We weren’t far from Freemont Street, check out the Container Park and the Fremont Street Experience. I did that back in August and got to share it with PSM.

After we toured the Container Park, we went across the street to the Fremont Street Experience and started to wander. The first alley that we wandered in to had a storefront that we had never seen before, it a place for throwing axes! What? It’s called Axe Hole Vegas, go figure!

This was so much fun! We were slightly skeptical, but that went away with the first few throws! It was like a batting cage for throwing axes. There were five lanes with two targets each, giant tree stumps with a bulls-eye painted on it. We received a brief lesson, three different ways to throw at first, later came some trick throws. I tried the first three, two different one handed and one two handed. I mastered, to a point the two handed throw, the one handed, not as much. PSM killed it with the one handed and the trick throws! And all with his non-dominant arm, so impressive!

We really had a great time! I’m now on the lookout for places I/we can do that again! What a great way to blow off steam! And just have fun! I wonder how many of my friends and family would love this!

Next, a walk down through the Fremont Street Experience, experiencing the sights, smells, sounds, the outfits or lack there of! I couldn’t share some of what we saw or didn’t see! Oh my, I’m not sure we were old enough! Ha ha!

We walked through Fremont Street and then into Binons to see where The World Series of Poker began, a piece of history. Then to the end and back of The Fremont Street Experience. We worked up an appetite, time for lunch.

We went to a place that was recommended, Vegenation. The atmosphere was great, the service and food, lacking, unfortunately. We had a different person seat us and take our order than our actual server. The black rice sushi was fabulous, but our entrees, not so much. PSM said his was flavorless and mine, well, I ordered eggplant parm with the sauce on the side.

It came out and when I inquired about the mozzarella that should have been on top, the server said ‘Oh yeah’ and brought me cold shredded mozzarella, seriously? I almost finished my meal and I said something when she asked how the food was and when I mentioned it, ‘oh yea…do you want me to take it back?’ I’m sorry, it took you to almost the end of the meal to ask?

We talked to the couple next to us, not much better. Oh well, Las Vegas has been great so far with vegan, you can’t win them all.

Back to the hotel too get a little rest.

After a sit down, it was off to our first evening activity, Terry Fator!

Terry Fator is a fabulous ventriloquist wor won America’s Got Talent in 2007 and has been at the Mirage Hotel ever since. His show is 90 minutes and he introduced us to eleven of the thirteen puppets he works with.

He won America’s Got Talent with Winston the Turtle and he opens and closes the show with him. Terry Fator is the master of impersonations and can sing like just about anyone!

One of the things I really like is that 100% of the profits from his merchandise goes to military charities.

Dad took me years ago and now I get to share with PSM, he loved it!

After Terry Fator, we walked the strip back towards our hotel. On the way we stopped by the Linq Hotel to tour the area that was restored and created a while back with shops, drinking establishments, tourist stuff, street vendors, street performers, the Ferris wheel and people, people, people.

We stopped for a snack for PSM at Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips. And anyone who knows me knows I love Gordon Ramsay, so this was a treat! No, he wasn’t there, it was just his place! And exactly as he preaches, simple! Fish or shrimp or chicken and chips, that’s it!

On to our next stop, The Bellagio Hotel. I love watching the fountain, the way it’s choreographed to the music. Then inside to the reception desk to see the Chihuly flowers, don’t forget to look up!

And then to the right to The Conservatory to see what amazing creations they make with flowers for the season, stunning! Just takes your breath away! This is something I always recommend to people visiting Las Vegas, its a must!

Then back to the hotel just in time to get the keys and get to the Neon Boneyard! Is this fabulous or what!!

This museum was established in 1996 and it is filled with signs from old casinos, hotels, businesses. It was cool looking through the fence during the day, but to see some of the signs lit up, in all their splendor! Some are still working and others need some love, hopefully they’ll get it!

If you’re in Vegas, I so recommend this place! PSM said it reminded him of a post apocolyptic movie set, I could see that!

Definitely two thumbs up! Now what? Well, it’s after 1am… flight is at what time?

I do hope you enjoyed your day in Las Vegas as much as we did!


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