Peaches Prattlings

{November 3, 2017}   Vegas bound baby!

I’m off to Las Vegas this weekend. Or as some like to call it, the City of Lost Wages!

So, as you know, I travel for work and PSM does as well. One thing anyone who travels work will tell you is that we will do a lot of things to get us to that next level.

Ask that traveler you know if they have ever taken a trip just to get the points, they will tell you either they have or would. I know I have!

PSM is close to the next level on United, so… what to do? Ask ‘Where should we meet for the weekend?!’ So, a weekend in Las Vegas it is!

I went to Hilton to see what was available and found out that The Tropicana is now under the Hilton banner. Sold!

Earlier today, PSM video conferenced with me to show me the room. I had called to ask about the reservation and got upgraded, works for me and now, I see the room.

The Tropicana is the cabana feel in each room, bamboo and wicker furniture, palm tree in the bedroom, hurricane shutters on the windows and doors. Its fun.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow and Las Vegas have in store for us!


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